Personal Regression Transcript

I was doing a private class for 2 students and they needed to practice. I usually do not get regressed in classes as I am usually supervising. But since there were only 2 students, i thought it would be good practice for them to regress me. They co-regressed me. The following is the transcript from the session. It went about 2 hours.

February, 2017

D: Perhaps you open the door. Soon you’ll begin to notice what is just beyond the door. Allow these images to become clearer and clearer to you and when you feel that you have a picture of what’s happening around you, describe what you’re seeing and feeling.

Peter: The door looks like a… like a picture on a wall, sort of thing. And then it’s not really a door, it’s an opening. And on the other side of it looks like space and stars.

D: Beautiful.

P: I can go through it, it’s just a white space and then there’s an opening like a window to just this – I don’t know, this space, this world.

D: Good.

P: It’s perfect. Can I go through it?

D: Yes, move forward.

R: Allow yourself to move through the door. Notice how you feel. Notice all your senses coming alive around you. Now take a few steps forward, noticing your feet. Now look at them. There’s something here to be revealed to you, you know what it is. It’s within you.

P: I don’t have a body. It’s just this, um, I don’t know what it is. It feels like the closest thing would be outer space. I’ve never been here, people describe it but it’s really just, um… you know, like zen. It’s zen.

R: Remember, feel the memory. How does this memory feel to you? Notice the way you feel.

P: It’s like being a soul, just being in your soul and it’s almost like traveling through the universe. I traveled through the universe. It’s like the Earth is just like one of the places among all of this vastness. It’s like a, huge, space. It’s huge but it’s also personal and connected. It’s fun and it’s – it feels early, like I don’t know, before even coming into Earth.

R: Yes, you’ve come back to the beginning.

P: Yeah, something like that, yeah. But I don’t feel, I don’t feel like I’m not local, like there’s no me, there’s just this whole… I’m in this – I don’t know where to say I am. It’s just like observing something and being a part of it at the same time. I’m observing this for some kind of point, but I can’t identify the point.

R: You mean understanding?

P: But I don’t notice if there’s anything else around me. I don’t, it’s just an odd feeling. It’s like the part of me that’s here in the world is thinking that I feel lonely, but it’s not, it’s not a human experience.

D: Would you say that you’re in a soul state?

P: I don’t know what this is. It’s just like being. All this vastness, and there’s this connection to all of it. Like I’m part of it but I can move through it, so there’s some part of me that has like free will. Like if you were to mention or suggest something, I could be there. But just for now, I’m just kind of… there’s no time, there’s no past… there’s just this. And it feels good. It’s like there’s nowhere to be, nothing to do. It’s that feeling of just floating on a raft in the ocean. Just being.

R: You’re allowed to just be.

P: It’s nice. But I have questions, like I just want to – like I’m still here and I’m there. The part of me that’s there has no ego, no questions. And the part of me here has questions and curiosity. Out there there’s no curiosity, there’s just being.

R: Perhaps a deep understanding there.

P: It’s hard there, but there’s no such thing as questions, it’s just existence. Pure existence. And there’s no, there’s a lack of words, but it’s just oneness. But it doesn’t feel like ecstatic, it doesn’t feel bad, it’s just this sense of existence.

R: We’ve been dealing with the topic of oneness today and yesterday, so let’s go along that path of oneness and let’s see what there is to discover. And on this path of oneness as you float in space allow any beings of light and love to point the way to you.

P: Things are changing now, it’s almost like it’s to explain something to me the only way I can understand it. Like originally it was just the way it is in the soul consciousness which is very hard to understand, but now it feels like it’s dumbing itself down so I can understand. Not like dumbing itself down, but just like relating to this consciousness that I’m in now. It’s showing me something like space, like a supernova, or something I would have seen when they show pictures of outer space. You know the way stars form, or things like that. But it seems like it’s moving into form so I’m familiar with it and make sense of it, which is fine. I could tell at first it was trying to give me something of pure being, and now it’s shifting so that I can ask questions. But it’s letting me know that in order for me to understand it has to change being, so it’s not going to be the way that it is. It’s like telling a kid a bedtime story so they can understand. I think it’s just showing me the beginning of the big bang, but it’s not really that at all. It’s just so I can understand something.

D: Perhaps you’re feeling ready to ask some of these questions.

P: Yeah. So just remind me of my questions.

D: Your first question is wondering how the three of us came to be in this place at this time?

P: Ok. I’ve moved through space, I’m coming to Earth. And I’m seeing Earth the way you would see it from like, Apollo, from space. It looks so pretty, like a picture, its beautiful seeing it in this way.

D: Beautiful.

P: Yeah, but it’s so small. Like it seems personal, like something you’d have in your house. You know, like a little Earth in your house. (Laughing)

R: Maybe allow yourself to float towards the Earth. Let gravity bring you down.

P: So I’m seeing Earth from here, and then life on the Earth and how we move into bodies. We have these experiences but at the same time we’re out there. We are there and here at the same time. We can shift, we can focus on being on Earth, and then we can focus on not being on the Earth. And then being in the Earth seems just very weird. We are like little ants running around this Earth.

R: Allow yourself to come closer to the Earth, perhaps even coming down to yourself in this lifetime.

P: Yeah, whatever I can see… I can see myself being on the Earth and outside of the Earth at the same time. So I can see myself right now and I asked to see myself. I don’t know, it’s the same. Somehow when you’re in the Earth you get the feeling that this is what we are, that I’m in this body and you’re in your bodies. But we’re also NOT in the Earth, we’re observing from far away.

D: Perhaps that perspective might lead you to some insight.

R: Notice what you’re feeling.

P: Right now it’s just this feeling of being detached. I can see what’s going on on the Earth. I can see being above the Earth. That’s not how feelings are activated, maybe I should activate feelings.

R: Yes, you’re in two locations.

P: But I think I’m in a soul consciousness with no humanness. I can’t go in a body right now, I don’t have a feeling of being in a body.

R: Begin to sense –

P: It’s a pure awareness, just a pure awareness of being not in a body.

R: Begin to sense if there are any beings around you with all the new sensations.

P: Here, or there?

R: There.

P: There it’s kind of all one.

R: It’s all one.

P: Yeah.

R: We are all connected.

P: Well it’s like…. I don’t know if we are all from the same place or if we see from the same place. But the place I’m in, like if you were there you’d be seeing it the way I’m seeing it. Maybe we’re all seeing it that way and then it becomes duplicitous when we come into the Earth plane. And then we go into separateness.

R: Yes, go with that. How do you access there, the one consciousness… are you experiencing P: Yes.

R: Yes, that’s what this is about, the one consciousness is being shown to you. You KNOW it now.

P: But it’s nothing unusual, we take it for granted. I mean we all feel it sometimes. We think oneness is going to be like bliss or something. But it’s just being. It’s just not thinking about something, and you’re just being. Somehow in the being, you then move away from being occupied with thoughts. Because thoughts separate us and we all have our own worries, our own concerns, which differentiates us. But when you move past your thoughts, we are all one, we are all in this consciousness. Except the consciousness in this place has never had thought and it never will have thought, it has nothing to do with thought. Thought is an artifact of Earth consciousness.

D: Perhaps you might be experiencing “open being” as well?

P: I think open being is when you’re on the Earth and you’re connected to this oneness consciousness.

D: Hmm.

R: Yes, let’s explore that.

P: I don’t have that now. I have moments of it but I don’t have that. It would be a very different Earth with this open being consciousness. Most people wouldn’t like it because people are so attached to feeling. People are attached to pleasure or avoiding pain and open being is nothing to do with pleasure or pain. It’s just being, like the consciousness of a squirrel. It’s just being. Not even a squirrel, because a squirrel also experiences pleasure and is motivated by that. But it’s closer to an animal’s… more like plants! It’s more like the consciousness of being a plant.

R: So let’s continue on –

P: No, but there is feeling, good feeling, too. Like the way a father feels toward a child, that’s open being. Caring. But not attached, not attached to outcomes. It’s weird, it’s a detached kind of love.

D: Tell us what happens next, Peter.

P: Where?

D: Where you are.

P: There’s all sorts of things. It’s starting to look at if we were to move toward open being what that would look like. From the dramatic consciousness of now, that would be incredibly boring because it’s just very chill. Everyone cares, it’s not dramatic, there’s no highs or lows, it’s just being connected. Somehow it’s about allowing things to be what they are, allowing the world to unfold. Because we’ve come in and done a lot of things to the world, like influencing other human beings. We’re not influencing anything, it’s just enjoying things the way that they are. Like enjoying a flower for being a flower, not trying to put it in a vase or trying to make it bloom longer. Those are things that we do now.

D: Notice what you are meant to take away from this place, from this experience. What are you meant to learn?

P: I think just taking away that the stereotypes that we have of oneness are not really accurate. That’s why so many people don’t really like to meditate, because they find it boring. People like drama, passion. That’s part of the problem with society, they are drama addicts. And so they distort things and become wars and strife. If you look at a child and how a child can play by themselves and not get into drama… and I think that us three are like rays of that. It’s an expression of trying to move consciousness in that way. But it’s like, it’s not fast at all, it’s not happening fast. It’s going to be a while. But that’s ok, a plant doesn’t grow fast. The seasons don’t happen fast. But it’s happening, it’s happening, there’s movement, there’s a shift. A shift has happened. And some of that has created tensions as things are changing. It’s gonna be ok, it’s gonna be good, we just have to be patient. And some will, some will receive what we have to offer and some won’t. Some will take a little bit and some will take a lot. And so it’s about just offering. Just being ok with whatever it takes.

D: Perhaps you’re finding understanding in this place.

P: It’s so different than what I would have thought. There’s no motivation – there’s no push. There’s no urgency, it’s like a… when you walk down the steps there’s a gravity that moves you. So it’s just like there’s a gravity that we’re all moving with and the gravity is something else. And of course we do things to slow it down, we do things that can accelerate it. We all have to just intend to accept care, body, rest, and balance, all the things we know already. All three of us are just learning the same things. What each one of us needs to do is more or less the same.

D: Is there more information waiting for you about that?

P: It just feels like it’s all there. I don’t have a question because I’m in this weird in between place. So do you have a question?

R: Yes, I would like to know about your book, these books that you are to write. I would like to know more information about the timing of these books and the subjects.

P: It’s all completely free will. If the book is written or not written, it’s ok. But the book will accelerate some things, it’s a choice. If I want to accelerate something I can write a book. Books take on an energy and then they, it’s like children. So when you have a child you teach a child a way of being, values, so that child becomes an expression of what you’ve taught them. And so the child goes out into the world as an expression of you. And so you influence the world with children in a positive way, or it could be negative, but each one of us would influence a child positively. So children are light rays of lights and a book is like a child. So you put your energy into a book and that book has a life and goes and influences people. The person would read the book and find the book and it accentuates your expression on the world. So if you are a light carrier, a light being, writing a book is helpful, it’s a good idea. And at the end of your life you feel good that you’ve had a child, that you’ve had that book, and that book continues on long after your life is finished. If it’s a good book, if the book has resonance… sometimes we write books and they’re meant for the future. So it would be a good idea, but it’s not a – there’s no value in actually writing a book. Once a soul desires to create an expression. In a personal way, if you look into why you came into the world, and I came to write a book or express a book, then that’s a good idea. That’s your own, you chose that that you wanted to write a book. But in the great scheme of things that’s great that you chose to write a book but there’s no value or judgment about that. The most important thing is that each one of us, whoever comes to us, we give them our soul. We give them contact with ourselves, the way you do that in a psychic reading or a regression or just someone you talk to at the grocery store. That’s what matters, that you somehow impart your vibration into that person’s vibration. Because you – it’s harmonics. We all have vibrations, thoughts have vibrations, and so we each carry these vibrations with us. There’s a lot of them. The vibrations on the Earth are not very high right now and so we just have to carry our vibration and protect it. We can’t let it fall. Now I feel that. I can feel that. It’s not a good feeling.

R: We are supporting you. We are sending you our love, our vibration.

P: Yeah, yeah.

D: Take a moment to feel that, to restore positivity.

P: We just, everyone you interact with, it’s important. Probably the most important thing is how you treat anyone you meet. Whether you smile, or impart hope. Anyone. Anyone who comes into your awareness. You just look in their eyes, you say a kind thought or word. That’s what matters. That leaves an imprint, it’s eternal. So that’s more important than any book or any regression or any reading. Because we’re all like a ship. A ship leaves a wake, each one of us leaves a wake and that wake has much more influence than we know. I don’t quite understand how one moment with somebody makes an impact, but the only thing that makes sense is the eternal touches the eternal. It awakens the eternal and then it becomes eternal. So when we act from the eternal, only a second with a person awakens the eternal within them and somehow that moment becomes eternal, it’s like a sea. A sea that never extinguishes. Any moment that’s constructed between two people is eternal and never goes away. When somebody is hateful, that’s not eternal. It’s a bruise, but a bruise eventually heals. But a kindness is eternal. So never miss an opportunity to be kind, you have no idea how important that is.

D: It’s a beautiful message, Peter. It’s a beautiful message you’re receiving and imparting to us, and we thank you for that.

R: Yes. Just notice that feeling of kindness radiating out of you coming back and returning to you.

P: It’s like there can be 10,000 little things that happens to a soul and they will all eventually disappear. But one kindness will never disappear and those are the seeds that are all planted. If there’s anything we need to do in life it’s just to be kind. And we’ll get there if enough of us are kind. And we can’t be kind all the time, sometimes we forget but it’s important to know that it’s very important. That’s why we should rest and store up our energies.

D: What other messages are you receiving in this place?

P: I don’t have any questions, it’s just like… do you have a question?

D: I don’t.

R: I don’t.

P: Are you sure?

R: Is there any specific work or way the three of us should work together or spend this time together, other than kindness, which we’ll do.

P: Well, there’s not that many very high vibrational lights in the world right now. So we won’t come together often. Wherever we are, so we can come together for a moment and with other lights, but it’s just like when you – say street lights, when you put all the lights in once place, but that doesn’t work well. Because the rest of the road would be dark. And so the lights have to be spread a distance from each other for a distance to maximize. But when there’s not that many lights they have to be spread apart. And so each one of us will feel that feeling of loneliness because we have to shed light into darkness for now. And the two of you are lucky, the two of you are close to each other and so your light will shine with each other. The two of you will work together. You have a harmonious balance of your lights. But most of what we’ve done together is not conscious. There’s been a deeper light or a deeper activation of something. It’s like hope. And so each one of us, the light that we shine will be a bit brighter for having connected, just knowing that we’re here that we’re not alone. And more are coming… your kids are lights. There’s more coming. But for now it’s cold, there’s a lot of – we’re all brave to be here now. We’re all going to be safe. We’re too important. We’re very important.

R: yes, we’re cherished and needed.

P: Yes, lots of support. Whatever we need we can have.

R: Yes, our light can continue to shine.

P: Yes, but we need to ask, be sure to ask for what you need.

R: Yes, we are going to ask for what we need.

P: Take time to focus inward, don’t focus outward too much. It gets draining. We, our light isn’t enough to eliminate this darkness. Like a street lamp doesn’t light the whole world, it just lights what it’s near. There’s going to be a lot of darkness to eliminate, but don’t be disheartened. Just light where you are. There’s more lights coming, we are the forerunners of the lights, I can see that. There will be more lights slowly coming in. We are very brave and are honored for coming in at this time of darkness. So there will be challenges, things will be ugly for a little while. So many will come to the light for shelter. So each one of us just keep doing what you’re doing.

R: Yes, we’re encouraged.

P: D, your light is a more personal application for it now. So you’ll be helping, but the light is your family and those coming to you. So balance that, just make sure you keep enjoying the things you like. Like food. Enjoy food and share it with others. Don’t worry too much about what you eat, just enjoy it. Take care, you know, but don’t worry about what you eat, it’s ok.

D: Thank you.

P: And R, your light is going to grow, there’s going to be more coming but you have some choices to make. Because you’ve committed to your family and your children and there’s going to be tension between that focus. Dana has made up her mind to focus on her circle but you’re wrestling on the focus of your family and the larger focus. So you have to decide what you want to do.

R: Can I do both?

P: You can’t do both well. You will be distracted. As long as you’re ok with that.

R: Is it advisable for me to do one or the other?

P: It’s just, your children know, they know what you’re here to do. Once you choose, what’s detrimental is to be waffling. Like make up your mind if you want to serve the greater good or whether you want to forego that to serve a smaller good, focusing on your family. If you decide you want to be with your family but focus on the greater good, then that will be fine. Your children will know and their guides will step in accordingly. But you’re waffling. You’re going between “I should focus on my family” and then “No, I have this other…” It’s ok, it’s not a bad thing, you’re just trying to make up your mind. Neither is good and neither is bad. It’s just your choice but you have, um, you have the potential to go very very large if you pick that. But I don’t think that’s what you want.

R: I want the best for my children. I want them to –

P: Your children are going to be fine.

R: I want them to feel loved and know my love and I don’t want them to feel like I’ve abandoned them.

P: They aren’t really your children, you have to first accept that. They aren’t yours at all. You’ve brought them in and they’ve chosen you, but their guides are waiting for you to choose and then they will act accordingly. But so then if you choose to serve the greater good the guides will know what to do. If you choose to forego the greater good and focus on your children, their guides will know what to do. So in the past you’ve made decisions to serve the greater good but neglected the personal and you’re trying to balance. But just know your children are going to be fine. You are in charge of you, you’re not in charge of them. They’re strong and they’re fine.

R: Are there still two more children who are going to come through?

P: There’s hundreds! Your husband is also a personal person. He’s not, he’s come for you and the kids and whatever you decide, he will make up his mind. So he’s got your back, there’s no waffling at all. Which is good for you, with him. Because if you serve the greater good, he will serve the children more. And if you serve the children more, he will work more.

R: Growing up I felt like part of the time my parents just paid someone to raise me and be my mom.

P: It was better that way.

R: She was wonderful and everything but I want to be my children’s mom.

P: Yeah, it’s karma. You’ve neglected children in the past but the debt has been paid, you don’t have to worry about that.

R: I don’t think I could put them through that.

P: It’s a completely different situation. So your relationship with your children has nothing to do with what happened to you. Imagine that your children are like remnants, they’re not little bushels. Think of it like there’s just a vastness of resources around you and your family and it’s all love. So it’s not like they will have less. Your children exist in love, they know they are loved, they’re not insecure about that. They don’t have the karma or anything like that. So you’ll never abandon that and you’ve learned that lesson so don’t worry about that. You know it’s like this thing about wishing you could have a village raising your child. You HAVE a village raising your children, they’re there. It’s like imagine you lived with – ok imagine you have a wonderful mother and lived with her and your mother in law and you had 6 sisters and 12 nieces and 8 cousins and grandparents and they all lived with you and you could do whatever you wanted and your children would be surrounded by loving maternal energy so you would never worry. Would you? If you had 300 family members helping? But see that’s what you have, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Like who do you think is taking care of your kids right now? Think it’s your husband? (Laughing) Who you think is taking care of them?

R: I would say A.

P: Who’s A?

R: A is the nanny.

P: Do you talk to your kids about their guides?

R: No, I haven’t, not yet.

P: Talk to them about it.

R: What should I say?

P: Just say, “Who takes care of you when I’m not here? What do they feel like? What are their names? What do they teach you? Do you like it?” But your kids are more personal. Your kids have bought in more to you personally.

R: R or D?

P: D. Your kids can go either way, they can go personal or collective. (Referring to R that time. Then switching back to D.) But yours are more personal. They’ve come for you, they’re a little more clingy. (Laughing) That’s okay. (Back to R) But to the – there’s some fear of maybe going public. And that’s always in our past where going public has not been good and so the connection with Lady Gaga and your friend that are going public and being successful, some of that is they’re different souls and so they get high off drugs and pot, and you’ll never do that. But if you do decide to go public you do need to know protection. It’ll come to you, you’ll know. Maybe that 40 day period will help you sort that out for yourself.

R: And the protection, will that be for myself and my family energetically against spirit or other people or both?

P: Well, what happens now in the Earth is its like a light that attracts moth. So any kind of light that’s drawing attention to make money is going to draw not the best… the wolves in sheep’s clothing. And so you have to discern those people once you start to become more public, with fame. So a lot of discernment is necessary because our nature is to be trusting and you have to be careful because not all the souls, many cannot be trusted. That’s not the right way to say it. There’s a consciousness on the earth that seeks me, me, me, self-aggrandizing. And so any light that can be used to divert it, you must be careful of that. And it’ll be very subtle. It’s like when Jesus said, “Get behind me, Satan.” He said that to Peter. Peter was not bad, but it was subtle. When we’re on the path of light we have to be careful, even subtle deviations cannot be entertained. Do you know what that means?

R: I know exactly what that means. Thank you.

P: You’re welcome. Ask me about me now.

D: Tell us about you, Peter. (Laughing)

R: Is there any guidance regarding Peter’s love relationship?

P: The one now? With W?

R: Yes.

P: Well, this life for Peter, for myself, has been a lot about mending fences. There’s been a lot of relationships that have not been meant to be for the whole life that have dealt with karmic issues from the past. But with W, not so much, but there’s a big karmic issue that has to be healed, and then it can be a rest of life relationship.

R: Can you tell me more about that karmic relationship?

P: Well, W has many self-worth issues that have to be healed, and so the relationship is heightening, showing her those self-worth issues. Because when you’re with a certain vibration and certain things don’t come to light it’s like going into a room and turning on a light with 20 watts you only see a certain amount. And you can clean the room and it looks good at 20 watts. But if you come into the room and now you put on 40 or 80 or 100 or 500 watts, the luminescence or the clarity becomes stronger, so now you can see more of what needs to be cleansed or attended to. Do you understand? And so her life has been like a 20 watt bulb, and now with this relationship it’s like a 500 watt bulb, and now she’s becoming more aware of work to be done. And so with patience, that work will get done. So she’s attending now, she had no idea and was a bit embarrassed. Imagine your house, and now it’s illuminated, and you can see more of what needs to get done. So she’s tending to that. She’s good, it’ll be good.

R: And are there any suggestions for you, Peter, in supporting her?

P: Yeah, patience. Patience. Don’t push and push so much. I can be pushy because I’ve been pushing myself and that’s ok. You can push yourself, but don’t push others. Everyone has their own rhythm, their own pace. It’s not good to – you can encourage people and if you don’t like someone’s pace you can leave them, but it gets messy. You can’t expect a 4 year old to run like an 8 year old. You can expect a 4 year old and encourage them and foster, but only within the range of what’s fair to expect of a 4 year old. So growth is a, for me, an experience to grow in patience. Not to give in to irritation or in force. I’ve learned to be more patient with myself, so it’s good.

R: And do you guides or angels have anything that can help you with your patience, to be patience. Perhaps a vision of the possibility of the future of the relationship and what that looks like.

P: Well, patience is a fruit of the spirit and you grow in patience by attending to the fruits of the spirit. The fruits of the spirit are not of this world so when you spend a lot of time in this world you grow in the fruits of nonsense. The fruits of irritation and grouchiness and anger, those are the fruits of this world. So to grow in spirit you have to spend time in spirit and somehow, spiritual people think that you have to help, help, help, all the time and you don’t really help that way. You have to balance time and spirit with time in earth. Too much time in earth you become drunk. Just like too much time in spirit you’ve come into physical form to balance between spirit and body, not too much time in either. It’s like sleep, in sleep you’re in spirit and in work you’re in the world. But then you have the other 8 hours, and there you have to balance between spirit and the earth. Meditation, prayer, exercise, diet, laughter, children, reading, writing. But this is not a great concern. It’s growing. Balance is a concern because there’s this new outward, it’s throwing off the balance of the inward and so is the temptation to over-serve and over-serving is as bad as under-serving. It’s the same thing. Over-serving is a neglecting. If you over-serve you’re also under-serving. Really for this kind of work, for every day of work there should be a day of rest. For normal work you can have 5 or 6 days of work and one day of rest but not for this work. Not for this work. If you work 3 days, take 3 days off. Or work every other day. Or even take more time off than serving. Remember to enjoy life, it’s easy to get caught up in all the heaviness of life. Hunt for the joy. Joy in laughter. Joy in food. Joy in the body and companionship, not over-indulging.

R: Are there any other areas that you would like to explore, Peter, of your life?

P: Just don’t force anything, just let it come. And now’s the time to start to say no.

R: Yes, you have the power to say no. Do you feel that power within you? That it creates time for you to have balance to enjoy. Connect with that feeling of being able to enjoy. Feel it from your toes all the way to the top of your head. See the small pleasure of seeing a flower, a laughing child, hearing the notes to your favorite song.

P: I see that can come now. Because there was a lot of joy and life was in balance and then to build what I’ve created now there had to be an unbalance. But now there than be balance again, so that time of unbalance is over. It’s the move, that’s why there’s the move. This house was for the time of unbalance and the move next door is the restoration to balance.

R: Yes, even the numbers are all balanced.

P: Yes, like in poker it’s a full house.

D: Yes, this is a transition time for you.

P: Yes, there will be less work and more income. (Laughing)

R: Begin to feel balance within yourself as we invite balance into your being, and into your world, as you shift from this unbalance into a feeling of perfect balance.

P: I see the three of us represent… D represents body, I represent mind, and Rl represents spirit. The balance of the three, that’s why we’re together, one reason, to come into that alignment. D understands the balance of the body, I understand the balance of the mind, R understands the balance of the spirit. And so the two of you together create the polarity from mind and so you invite people into your field that they – the mind comes into the balance in your presence because of the balance of body and spirit. And so the mind, between the two, comes into balance and order. So you’re using this work to help people align the mind. So people will come to you who seem kind of crazy, maybe crazy isn’t the right word, but the mind isn’t balanced, it could be disturbed. Mental disturbance. So if the two of you choose to work together you’ll have tremendous power to align people’s minds. And it’s very important. It’s almost like the two of you speaking to me now on the two sides it’s like a string pulling and the mind comes into the middle into balance. So that your work is to keep the body in alignment and the spirit in alignment so you can help others. So when the two of you work together you work with aligning other people’s minds. So if you teach together or even if one of you teaches and the other is in the audience, it aligns the mind. Because then one is active and one is receptive, or silent. And there’s tremendous power in the expressive and in the silent. The yin and the yang. And so D has silent power, so when she’s in the audience she’s not really in the audience. She’s just holding gravity, holding centeredness. And then when you speak from spirit, it’s like a kite. You’re like the kite and D is the one that holds the kite, grounds it. And then people are like the string, they line up along the cord. The two of you have worked together many many times. You’ve rotated between the scribe and the master. One of you has been the teacher and the other has been the scribe and you’ve alternated these roles like sisters. So if you wanted to work more together that would be one way. But make sure you take turns, too. Balancing. Both of you have a lot to express and both of you can gain from grounding with the other. It’s more natural for D, but we all need to learn how to ground. And so when one of you teaches the other can be like the scribe. You could write a book together or teach a class together by alternating chapters. One chapter would be very theoretical and the other would be very practical. So it would be a very good book. And then between the theory and the practice the reader aligns between the two. It would be a very useful measure. The minds of the world are not in alignment to be polite. The mind is whacked. You know, like this president is a reflection of the mind out of balance. But we’ll leave him alone. You both have such good husbands, you chose well. They support you, they both admire you. It’s nice. They give you freedom to do what you do and they trust you. But you’re both trustworthy so it’s easy to trust you. That’s good. A lot of couples in the world don’t trust each other they weigh each other down and both of you have good channels for your expression from your families. You’ve chosen well and they’ve chosen well. Why don’t you each ask one more question and then we’ll end?

R: Should this be about ourselves or the world or you?

P: That’s how you wanted to use your one question? (Laughing) Whatever you want. I don’t feel, I feel I have clarity. It’s hard to describe, there’s clarity. Like everything is seen at once, do you know what I mean? The different paths are seen at once, and there’s this one glowing path. And I can see the glowing path and whether I’ll follow it or not will be seen, but the path is clear. I know what I need to do now, this has been really helpful.

R & D: Good.

R: Ok, I have my question. Ok so I had a vision of a place in Hilton Head called The Healing Oasis and it was a center with western trained doctors who also have more of a holistic focus, intuitives, therapists, massage therapists, European spa type thing… and this center led to some pretty miraculous healing. And the work of all these practitioners and the synergies together… I guess my question is is there any insight or guidance about if that vision is to come forth?

P: I sense there’s some – you have some insecurity about yourself being a leader. And so you’re drawn to the idea that there will be other leadership there and you’ll play a role. And I encourage you to be the leader. So whatever you do, just make sure that it follows… let me put it another way. There are few pure lights in manifestation right now. And you are very close to that and so if you put your pure light in the expression of less pure lights its a complete waste of time. Meaning –

R: I understand.

P: Yeah. And so find your expression where you’re in the leadership. And part of that is a process of working through any insecurities you have and know those insecurities are just dust. It’s nothing. Dust, just dust away the insecurity. And know that your security doesn’t have anything to do with you, it’s you being a vessel and a channel and that being your superpower. It’s nothing to do with you. It’s that you are volunteering or open. And that’s what Jesus said all the time, “Why are you worshipping me? In and of myself I can do nothing.” I’m just a dude, but I allow myself to be a vessel of God’s love. And that’s what you do. But that’s not easy to do because the vessel is tremendously invasive. So your ego though – we think of the ego as being “Oh I’m so important”, but the ego can also be “I’m so small.” Who am I to do this?

That’s also ego in thinking we’re not that great. So I encourage you to move into your power as a humble servant, but that the humblest is the servant of all. Like, the least shall be the greatest. And so work with that and just notice your temptation to hide behind somebody with degrees and diplomas, or these sorts of things. Your authority comes not from anything that’s on the wall, it comes from your soul development. And there’s no – people will feel that. Anyone who’s looking for diplomas, let them find those people with paper on their walls. Buddha had no paper on his walls, Jesus had no diploma. It was his authority from his purity. So anyway, you know what I mean. Do you understand?

R: Yes, I do understand. Because I still have a question about if that vision is something I should put energy toward or if I should just wait and see what happens?

P: Well –

R: Or do I have a choice to make first?

P: My sense is that you’re not steering that and so the ego of those who are steering it are going to want you to play a role, but not be in leadership. And so eventually, you get frustrated in anything where you’re not in leadership. And so I encourage you, it’s not the size of the organization that matters, it’s the quality of it. And so if you’re in leadership and it’s just the two of you that’s a greater service than if you put yourself under the leadership of someone who has a dimmer light and you’re serving tens of thousands. Because –

R: It’s clear, it’s clear. Thank you.

P: But, um, keep working on – work on… I don’t know, this doesn’t sound right. False humility. Meaning, that’s not the right word, but… Accept the mantle of who you are. That doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone, that doesn’t mean you’re worse than anyone. But accept the mantle of who you are. You’re 7 feet tall and you can jump, then play basketball, you’re going to be awesome at it. And so accept it – it’s like the song by Lady Gaga… accept who you are. If you’re born 7 feet tall you’re gonna be awesome at basketball, the creation facilitated that. And so your creation has facilitated who you are, and there’s no ego in that. You don’t have to feel proud of it, you don’t have to feel pride, you don’t have to feel better or worse. It’s just…

R: Not to feel ashamed.

P: No, no. And if people will say “oh my gosh you’re wonderful!” Say “oh, ok.” And if people say, “oh my gosh you’re terrible!” Say “oh, ok.” Just know who you are and then you’re like the front person of a large expression. And there’s a lot behind you and you’re like the lead singer of a band. And so just realize that you’re – the only thing that people see is you and so they’re going to put a lot of commentary on you. And you know that’s not who you are, you know you’re just a servant of – you’re a channel. And so again that’s a decision you have to make to clear the degree you’re going to serve and how you’re going to serve. And as you decide how you’re going to serve, I would say it’s best that you be in leadership of something tiny or of something large. That’s the choice. But to not be in leadership, that would be painful.

R: Ok, thank you.

P: Did you have a follow up question?

R: No. D, do you have a one question, your one genie question?

D: I’m not sure, I feel like there’s been a lot of information today and I’m not sure what else I need to know right now. If there’s just anything… that you feel I need to know, anything further, I’m open to that. But I don’t have a specific question.

P: Well you have a very – how to say it? It’s like you amplify things. You have a joyous energy of amplification. And so whoever you work with whatever you put yourself into, you amplify that. And so as you work, if you’re to work together with R, you’ll amplify R’s work. But it’s a very nice energy, it’s a humble energy. Very, very rare. Like whoever works with you is blessed because you’ve mastered ego. And so you’re ok with being behind the scenes, you’re ok with being small, you’re ok with not being the front person of anything. It’s almost like you’re a guide that’s incarnate. Guides like to be behind the scenes and that’s like your superpower. But remember that you did incarnate, you didn’t stay as a guide, so you came in to express something. And so you could teach how to amplify and that would be a natural expression. Amplifying like through laughter and joy and through supporting and through encouragement.

D: Thank you for that because I’ve always felt like, I – like the emotions of others control me, but perhaps I’m just amplifying what I’m around, maybe?

P: No, no, that’s different. No, you’re not amplifying their feelings, it’s just that you’re sensing. You know, in this world we’ve learned to value insensitivity. We think strong people don’t feel things, like macho. That’s not a strength. Strength is in feeling and being vulnerable and you feel people’s things but that’s just because you’re healthy. The world thinks that being numb is healthy, but being numb is a sickness. And so don’t let people distort that within you. Know that you’re feeling strongly because you’re so damn healthy. And so you have to sometimes protect yourself so that you don’t feel – you don’t get too overwhelmed with feeling. But the solution isn’t to become numb. Be sure that you have a natural tendency to put a little boundary around yourself with your kids and with your family and that’s good. Just do that. And so know that balance… you see when you amplify things you don’t draw attention, so it’s that sensitive part of you is like an antenna. It’s part of amplifying meaning that as you’re sensitive to what’s coming to you, then you can work to amplify what’s constructive. So I don’t mean to keep talking about you and R but let’s say that she’s teaching and you’re in the audience. In subtle and non-subtle ways, you’ll feel all that’s coming to you and will help R amplify what’s constructive by questions or by smiling, or by how you respond that amplifies. And then the things you let slide, those are the things that don’t need to be amplified. But to do that job well, you need to stay sensitive. And so just limit you contact with people who are bleeders. They feel good around you and they hunt you down but you’re going to have to not answer that call so much, respond to that text so much… and they’ll be disappointed for a while and then they’ll go bleed somewhere else. They are just like bottomless pits no matter how much you put in because they’re not going to source, and so they have no bottom to their glass. They just say gimme! Gimme! Gimme! and there’s no bottom there. They have to go to source to create a container that can hold something. So just discern that, and it’s not your job to serve everybody. Not your job. So just remember that if you want to, you’re good at amplifying. And to do your soul work you have to protect yourself from people that make you tired and numb.

D: Yep. Thank you for that.

P: You’re welcome. So this is fun, I’ve never done this before.

D: I’m loving it!

P: I don’t think I want to do it though, I don’t think I want to make it my expression.

D: No, but it’s a beautiful experience.

P: I mean if you did this all day long and then people who don’t listen to you, it would be exhausting!

R: I mean that’s what, the people who come to me, that’s what happens. That’s exactly my work. Alright, Peter, should we bring you back?

P: Yeah, bring me back.

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The Witness

In a recent regression intensive, a student was reliving several devastating lifetimes in world history, such as the horrors during the Crusades and the Holocaust. She kept remarking, in a perplexed sort of way, that Mother Mary was there and just watching, witnessing.  The student remarked that she, too, had been called to witness, in many of her livetimes, including this one.  We were all moved by her experience, and in the post-session discussion, her experience raised several questions.

We were all struck by the idea of the witness. What is the role of the witness?  Since the discussion, I have pondered the roles of Jesus and His Mother in this context.  History is full of compassion for the suffering of Jesus on the cross, but what about the suffering of His Mother, that had to watch, to witness, the crucifixion, the agonizing death of her beloved son?  It sounds like one of those ethics class questions – Who suffered more, Jesus on the cross or His mother having to watch? A lively debate would surely ensue.

In the readings of Edgar Cayce, we are told that Jesus and His mother were twin souls.  So in some way, half of the twinship is on the cross while the other half is present and holding the space, in compassion.  We all come into this world as half of soul selves. The soul is androgynous. We come in with either the expressed male or expressed female, while the other half is relegated to the subconscious. The anima and animus.  It seems that the New Age is about expressing the truer soul consciousness through androgyny. But that’s another topic for another time.

As meditation develops, we begin to develop the consciousness of the witness. One part of our consciousness is in the world doing and another part is observing. In my trance experiences while entering the Oneness, I too, feel that sort of benign neutrality, that sense of pure being. The consciousness of the infinite self is the now. No past, no future – all now.

So is the watcher, the witness, part of our eternal soul consciousness, overseeing our suffering? The finite ego consciousness wonders if there could be a God that would allow such suffering. But somehow the witness, offers us compassion for our suffering. The witness knows we must go through this experience, that its temporary.  I wonder if that’s what Jesus meant by The Comforter? That somehow He and Mary were part of facilitating that process of internalizing the witness. He and Mary expressed it externally, and now we can do that internally, just as we are all to awaken our own Christ Consciousness.  I would surmise this is the New Age message of integration of all into One, of awakening to Oneness.

So is this guidance for us? The Piscean Age was, in a broad brush, an age of feeling while the Aquarian is one of detachment.  Are we to heed this counsel? To learn to both be in our experience and also have a part of us witness, in loving detachment? Are Jesus and Mary the model for us, not just in Jesus, but also in Mary. Are both needed for enlightened living? So a part of us, like Jesus, lives in the world and rides the waves of pain and joy, while the Mary part, bears witness, compassionately observes. What was modeled outside in Jesus and Mary, is now to be our experience. Jesus and Mary united -in our consciousness.  The Trinity – the actor/Son-Daughter, the observer/Holy Spirit and the consciousness of both/The Creator/Father-Mother God – the Three in One.

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Edgar Cayce & The New Age

I have had the honor to speak on behalf of Edgar Cayce and the A.R.E. for about 15 years now. As I travel about the country, I oftentimes open a talk with a discussion of “Who I am and why am I here?” Occasionally, I’ll have time to explain my view on why the audience is present, and why the New Age movement has become an international sensation. Basically, why you are here. That conversation goes a bit like this:

I moved to Virginia Beach almost 20 years ago to become part of “the work”. I had felt that calling grow in my 15 years in Boston as part of Elena Allen’s long-standing Search for God group. When I first arrived at the ARE, I was offered the job of conference facilitator. It wasn’t the type of work I had in mind, but I came with the intention, “send me, use me”. That was where I was needed. I served in that position for four years. I call that time my metaphysical Ph.D. I attended every conference, indeed every lecture, given in those 4 years! At about 2 per month, that was almost 100 conferences! While the room was always packed for Carolyn Myss or Gregg Braden, I got to hear the lesser known authors, the up and coming, or just those with a powerful message that weren’t quite yet in the mainstream. Oftentimes, those speakers left a deeper impact than the headliners.

On one such afternoon, Mark Thurston was speaking to a good-sized audience on his take on the Cayce message. Mark commonly starts a lecture with a sort of “teaching story” which is one of my favorite ways to learn. He related this experience that he had as a director at the ARE. Some years prior, he said, representatives from a conservative religious group approached the ARE about making a documentary film about different religious and spiritual groups and wanted to include the ARE. This group had historically been very derisive of the ARE. Charles Thomas Cayce was the CEO at that time and was cautiously open to a dialogue with these representatives. Charles Thomas invited the directors of the ARE to be present in these conversations. Mark described how the exchanges were cordial, but eventually hit a snag. The matter at hand was regarding the final say over how the ARE would be portrayed in the film. Charles Thomas wanted the ARE to have that final say, and the filmmakers balked at that proposition. After a few more meetings, it became clear that this matter had become an impasse and a deal breaker.

Mark described how once it had become clear that this would be the final meeting, the cordial tone changed and the representatives, “let down their hair”, so to speak. In a darkened tone, they rhetorically asked, “Do you know why we do not like you people?” Mark described how the tension was now palpable, as was his nervous curiosity at this question. “We all knew they hated us, but now the hatred would be revealed! Was it because we are “soft” on sin?”, he continued, “Was it because of the reincarnation perspective we all held? Did Cayce not always literally interpret the Bible? We would all soon know definitively.” Then the answer came that surprised Mark. “We don’t like you people because you dare to teach that ALL PEOPLE HAVE ACCESS TO GOD! How dare you!” They then stood up and left.”

This story has lingered with me ever since. As I have reflected on the story, I have come to realize that if you want to hate Edgar Cayce and the New Age, this is the perfect reason. Edgar Cayce spoke of a God that was accessible to all people. We all have access to God, all the time, directly through our inner temple. God is no respecter of religions. Early on in the work, Cayce and his friends became confused at this broad view of the readings and asked, “Well then, what is the best religion?” The answer came back, “The one that you will actually practice!” It is like we are all the blind touching the elephant and describing God from our limited perspective. “The elephant is like a rope…no! The elephant is like a tree…no! It is like a hose!” The truth is the holistic view: God is inclusive of all these perspectives. The religions are attempts to describe and access the Infinite, but they are each limited. The New Age has caught on like wildfire because on the deepest levels of our souls, we are sick and tired of “God, Inc.” so to speak, that “my God can beat up your God!” or you can’t get to heaven without a “ticket” from our religion. We are all ready for the deeper, holistic and truer interpretation of God.

Edgar Cayce is renowned as the “father of holistic medicine”, but I see him also as a forerunner of holistic theology, which I believe is at the core of the New Age movement and its resonance with the masses. Cayce, the man, was devoutly Christian, but his Source and his readings were largely inclusive of world religions. His readings spoke highly of Jesus, but spoke of his reincarnations! Buddha. Lau Tzu. Mohammed, Confucius, Zoraster, Egyptian mysticism, among many others, were also referenced in the readings. He described the Christ Consciousness as a consciousness of Oneness available to all. He never connected that consciousness to anyone’s name! That divisive passage of scripture, where Jesus says “No one gets to the Father but through me!”, the Cayce’s source reference that “mind” that was in Jesus, that Jesus was in the Christ Consciousness, The Oneness consciousness – basically telling us, “No one gets to God except through thinking and acting from that place of Oneness”. This becomes a much more inclusive view and is defining, I believe, of the New Age movement.

Cayce’s Source spoke of reincarnation, karma, meditation, kundalini, Akasha, among other concepts that are core to Eastern religious thought. Cayce, the man, struggled with this. He had said early on about this reading business that if he ever gave a reading that hurt anyone of that went against his Christian values, that he would stop giving readings. One of those moments occurred when reincarnation was first introduced as a concept in his readings. Cayce took pause at that juncture as he had no understanding of this view from his traditional Christian upbringing. Eventually he did come to terms with reincarnation, and became a sort of New Age Christian. Cayce introduced the west to these Eastern concepts, a sort of uniting of the Ying and Yang. The westerners are the talkers of the world, more comfortable with prayer, while the east is more representative of receptivity, at least spiritually, which aligns with meditation. Cayce’s Source unifies in statements such as, “In prayer we speak with God, in meditation, we listen”. Here he completes the circle, uniting prayer and meditation into a whole.

Before I knew of Cayce, I had learned meditation. As I got deeper into meditation, and began to go to ashrams for silent retreats, it seemed to me that the goal of meditation was to “lose the ego”. I struggled with that because the folks I met at ashrams seemed to have this bland sort of emptiness that seemed contrived. I had worked hard to become this zany person that I am! The thought of losing ego/personality into the blandness was not appealing. When I moved to ARE, and eventually married, my then wife was Japanese. A clash occurred between the western concept of “know thyself” and the eastern concept of “the whole is greater than the individual”, basically a sort of “lose thyself”! We struggled with this core difference and all the implications it has for communication. I eventually found in the readings Cayce’s description of the Christ/Oneness Consciousness in action: “To know thyself, to be thyself and to also be one with God or Creative Forces”. Here again, Cayce’s Source unites. The either/or of the ego is answered with the “YES!” of the Soul. So it isn’t about knowing thyself separate from the Creator, or about losing your personal identity. We are encouraged to do both, “Know theyself” (as a soul manifesting through an ego in the world) but also to “lose thyself” into the whole, the oneness. It becomes a type of double identity. The New Age aphorism being that “you are a spiritual being having a physical experience” or as Jesus said, “remember you are in the world, but not of it”.

Cayce described Jesus as being the epitome of this consciousness. He was a jovial, funny, charming man (His personality), but also at one with God (His Individuality). Jesus was the man, Christ is the consciousness. He knew Himself to be Himself and yet he was also One with God. This is symbolized by the eclipse that is recounted in Luke’s gospel at the time of the cruxifiction. In a sacred geometric view, we have the alignment of the Trinity: Earth, moon and sun are perfectly aligned as Jesus came to show the alignment of body (earth), Mind/Emotions (Moon) and God/Spirit (Sun). The New Age perspective is that we are all seeking to align our will, our choices, our actions, with our higher God self. Religions are merely attempts to help guide us towards that realignment. Cayce himself hoped that the ARE would serve to deepen a person’s faith in God and then deepen their faith in whatever religion they belonged.

In summation, I believe that is why we are all here in the New Age movement. We are tired of the fractionalization of God, the use of religion and God as business and a cause for division. We are all coming in at this time to “set God free” so to speak and have a united, inclusive view of our Creator. Indeed, God is the God of all people, no exceptions. We all have access to God. We are all Children of the Most High. We are all loved. We all matter. The fulfilment of the New Age, epitomized by the hope for the coming “1000 years of Peace”, prophesied in the Book of Revelation, is built on the abandonment of the divisive view of God and embracing the inclusive view. All is One. God is One. Peace shall reign when we all act from the awakened Oneness consciousness, truly as brothers and sisters, loving one another as we have been loved.

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Loving Differently – Loving Indifference

Loving indifference does not have that ring of an essential spiritual tool. It rings more as an oxymoron. How can we be loving and at the same time indifferent? Are they not opposites? Let’s see what Edgar Cayce had to say on the matter.

Edgar Cayce gave 18 life readings where he said the individual was close to completion of their lessons on the earth and that reincarnation would be unnecessary. Violet Shelly wrote a book, Reincarnation Unnecessary, based on those readings and Charles Thomas Cayce lectured around the country on that subject as well.  There are many gems in those readings but the most influential for me was the concept of “loving indifference”.

Cayce was speaking to a woman who had been alive at the time of the Salem Witch Trials. He was pointing out how high her ideals had been, that she had put herself at considerable risk in protecting several women that were accused of “witchcraft”, who would have been put to death had they been found.  Cayce affirmed the strength and courage of those actions. But then he went further and spoke to how her consciousness had actually fallen as a result of allowing herself to hate the men who were perpetrating the witch hunts. Better, he said, to have practiced loving indifference, where you keep doing all the right things, fight for good, protect the weak, but do not lower your consciousness to hate anyone.  He emphasized how we are all evolving and we are all beloved of our Creator.  Best, he said, leave the matter in the hands of your God, who understands the big picture in a way we never can while in a finite human body consciousness.

This lesson has been invaluable to me since I aquired it.  It is very hard in our times to be pro something without being hateful to the opposing side. Our political situation highlights this condition and if this indeed causes our consciousness to fall, and if our goals are to learn the lessons of this earth plane, then let us all consider this useful tool.

Let’s look now at the lifetimes of Edgar Cayce to get a glimpse of what might be the reasoning behind the truth of loving indifference.  Cayce had a lifetime as a high priest in ancient Egypt. He exemplified the spiritual purposes of a life on earth, namely that he was highly God attuned and he used that attunement to help others find their way to God.  In his life, he did have times where his consciousness fell, but at the end of that life he was like a Bodhisattva, he had learned the lessons of the earth and reincarnation was not necessary. But as many Bodhisattvas, they choose to reincarnate out of their love for their brothers and sisters still on the wheel of karma. He returned but the Bodhisattva status does not mean that you are immune to temptation and the consciousness falling again. He later reincarnates as John Bainbridge, the riverboat gambler, who uses his psychic ability, gained in Egypt, for selfish purposes. He can see all the cards so he rips off men and he knows what woman want to hear so he seduced women unrepentantly.  It is not that well known that the reason Edgar Cayce had to go into trance to access his full psychic ability was because of his misuse of that psychic ability while conscious as Bainbridge. Cayce also knew never to play cards. There’s a wonderful story of young Hugh Lynn and Edgar Evans wanting to know why their dad would never play cards with them. Edgar relented and asked the boys to find a deck of cards and shuffle them up real good. They did and Cayce took the deck and looking the boys staright in the eyes proceeded to call all 52 cards. “Jack of spades, 2 of hearts, 10 of diamonds…” for all 52 cards! Hugh Lynn recounted that he and Edgar Evans never quite looked at their dad the same after that!

Now he reincarnates as Edgar Cayce with the Egyptian and Bainbridge karmic legacies. He then proceeds to use his psychic ability to help largely men financially and women emotionally.  He is using his spiritual resources to correct what he injured in the past. But we can only see that from the several lifetime view. It would be easy to hate Bainbridge at that time as a scoundrel. But do you see how God’s plan is fulfilled as Cayce comes to correct the errors of Bainbridge? This has helped me to understand – stated simply – that the scoundrels of today create the karmic unfolding of their being the saints of tomorrow.  Cayce spoke even of the karma of our Christ Jesus. He did not die on the cross merely for our learning, he was also meeting Himself.

If you look at the drama of Cayce’s Egyptian lifetime and the way the karma unfolded, in our modern times it would be as if Bill Clinton were to reincarnate in middle America, married to Monica Lewinsky, their secretary being Hillary and their son being Kenneth Starr!  This has shown me, like nothing else, God is no respecter of persons. Life is about meeting karma and about spiritual growth.  Whomever seems like a scoundrel today is setting up the path to be the saint of tomorrow. And we have all been saints and scoundrels, for in that we have our compassion.

In another reading, Cayce asks that “we let God be the avenger!”  I’m careful with that reading because we can desire that God “avenge” with harsh punishment. The sacred is in the fact that God “avenges” with spiritual law – in infinite time – and with love.  If we want to maximize our spiritual advancement in this life, we can humbly accept our limited view and try loving differently through loving indifference.

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Give it away…

I have been working with Cayce’s challenge that we make a study of Oneness for at least six months. It is such a deep subject. As you saw in a recent post, Cayce tells us that even our understanding of good and evil as being seperate is erroneous – that they are one! What???

What I have come to understand is that soul time is in the infinite, and body/ego time is in the three dimesional. Here we have past, present and futute. Cayce says all time is one. I can see that if we move to the infinite consciousness, then there is no past or future. Then all that exists is the now, the eternal now.

I also get how important it is to let go. Physically, Cayce says that physical health is basically predicated upon how well we absorb nutrients and release toxins. In other words, how well we take in the useful and release the no longer useful. In the mind, we need to let go of grudges, resentments, toxic emotions and hold onto love, joy, hope as eternal states of consciousness. Forgiveness is a process of letting go. Spiritually, the Buddha taught compassion – letting go of judgement – and detachment – letting go of grasping. Cayce advises letting go of our attachment to outcomes. The Bible speaks of how the person of the spirit “knows not from where they come nor where they go”. In meditation we begin to move away from thought and move into our beingness, our existance beyond thought and beyond attachment.

I believe that letting go is tied into oneness. Grasping, in Buddhism, is the belief that some thing or feeling, is better than another. The truth is to come to know them as one.  Don’t get too high when things are good, or too low when they are difficult. The middle path. The opposites meet in Christ. Oneness. This, too, shall pass. The infinite Oneness mind is not the waves, it is the Ocean.If all that exists is the “now”, then the now contains all – good, evil, easy, hard, ying, yang – all is indeed one.

Anyways…those are my thoughts…what are yours?  How do you grasp – oops! – comprehend Oneness.

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Beyond Karma, Touching Grace

When Edgar Cayce had a lot to say about a particular subject, he would oftentimes respond with “many a book can be written on the subject”.  He said that regularly about the topic of karma. “Karma is the law of cause and effect and much much more.”  I would like  to explore the issue of karma and look at what perhaps might go beyond karma and into soul choice or soul volunteerism.

Let us begin with three cases of blindness.  A couple had twin sons and one was born blind and the other was not.  The couple inquired with Mr. Cayce for a reading.  While in trance, Mr. Cayce referred to a past life the two boys had together, also as brothers.  They had both been charged with the job of blinding individuals as punishment for their crime.  One brother apparently grew to enjoy inflicting the painful punishment while the other did it merely as a job.  The brother who enjoyed the suffering of others was born blind and was told that this was an opportunity to grow in compassion.  The reading referred to the Grace of God, in that this man had enjoyed the suffering of hundreds and was only born blind, not as punishment, but as a means for soul growth.  This is a very straight forward example of the law of karma as retribution, or “reaping what you have sown”.  An eye for an eye, so to speak.

In a second example, a couple had a daughter born blind and they asked Mr. Cayce for a reading.  Again under trance, he gave a different answer to the cause of the blindness.  He said that negligence by the doctor had caused the blindness.  He said that the blindness had been an accident and not a karmic issue, but that the karma would follow the doctor and would need to be met.  It is very interesting that Cayce referred to this case as an “accident”.  When asked further about the matter, Cayce explained that accidents happen throughout creation.  It reminds me of Charles Darwin’s notion of how mutations or genetic accidents steer evolution.  Mr. Cayce went on to tell the parents to not let the child feel sorry for herself, but also see this as an opportunity for soul growth.
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With God’s help

I am just getting back from the Afterlife Conference that was held in Norfolk this past weekend.  There were about 350 people in attendance.  It was a really fun experience and I met some really nice people and got to reconnect with old Boston friend, John Holland.  I had been asked by Terri Daniels to present my work and do a group regression.  The norm with group regressions is that about 1/3 fall asleep, 1/3 get nothing and 1/3 have an experience.  I have been working to expand the latter so that a greater number can have an experience.

I was up against some of the conference headliners so I got about 40 people to my session.  They had the usual sound and electrical problems that seem to follow mediums.  When I mentioned that my great grandmother was a medium, the speakers began to buzz and hum loudly!  It felt like a hello.  But the lecture went very well and the questions and answer session period was stimulating.

The regression session felt very deep and very still.  I was very happy to see no one visibly awake or annoyed and I heard no snoring.  Both good signs.  I no longer have people share their experiences in the group for several reason.  Someone begins to tell a long story of how they saw their first cousin who in a past life was the neighbor of their grandmothers mailman’s uncle.  You can see how fascinating that becomes for the unincluded.  Or someone tells of how God spoke to them directly, Jesus appeared and showed them the meaning of life and all their past lives.  Then someone says that all they saw was a coconut.  You get the point, I believe.  So I have people stay after and share their experiences with me if they like one on one.   Continue reading

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