10-16-2018  Conscious Community Lecture – Peter gives a talk on “Soul Contact – Awakening the Wisdom of Your Soul”

 Unity Village Chapel – Peter gives sermon on “The Duality of Oneness”

An Evening with Edgar Cayce:  A First Person Portrayal of Edgar Cayce
If you could ask Edgar Cayce any question, what would that question be?  Enjoy a special “visit” from Edgar Cayce himself, as portrayed in the first person by Peter Woodbury, MSW as he presents “An Evening with Edgar Cayce”.  You won’t want to miss this incredible event!  Recorded “Live” July 21, 2018 and followed by On-Demand access anytime!
Click here for A.R.E. On-Demand Access

10-17-2017  Conscious Community Lecture – Peter’s talk on “The Promises of Edgar Cayce for the New Age… and GREATER Things Shall YOU do!

– Exciting News! –  Soul Contact with Peter Woodbury 
Peter has created his own YouTube Channel where he will be posting new videos.

Click here to view YouTube Channel

08-30-2017  A.R.E. Edgar Cayce Forum – Peter’s talk on “Reincarnation Unnecessary”

  86th Annual A.R.E. Members Congress – Peter’s presentation on

Edgar Cayce’s Promises for the Aquarian Age  “…and GREATER things shall YOU do!”
Click here for A.R.E. On-Demand Access
Click here to view from DropBox  (This is a shortened version of the full talk, available only thru the ARE on demand link above for a fee. This DropBox link will take a few minutes to load)

03-18-2017  Edgar Cayce’s Hometown Seminar – News article on Peter’s talk
Cayce Followers: Eclipse the Dawn of New Age | News | Kentucky New Era

11-30-2016  A.R.E. Edgar Cayce Forum – Peter’s talk on “Edgar Cayce on Creation”

   Fellowship of the Inner Light – Peter’s talk on The New Age

 A.R.E. Lecture on Hypnosis and Regression

A.R.E. 85th Annual Congress
Follow the Water Bearer: Jesus’ Message of Oneness for the Aquarian Age

Fellowship of the Inner Light – Peter’s talk on the Prodigal Son

A.R.E. eGroup Many Lives-One Source – Class Overview

A.R.E Survey Lecture – Edgar Cayce 101

A.R.E. 84th Annual Congress – Edgar Cayce’s Greatest Hits

A.R.E. Headquarters – Using and Applying Universal Laws

March 2012
– A.R.E. Staff Meeting – Edgar Cayce and the New Age

Audio Lectures:

Peter’s performance of “An Evening with Edgar Cayce”:
Click here to download audio recording

An Evening with Edgar Cayce

Peter’s talks on Reincarnation and Soul Mates/Twin Souls from 2009 A.R.E. Egypt Trip:
Click here to listen to lectures

To contact Peter for appointments, groups or speaking engagements please send email to: peterTFwoodbury@gmail.com

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