10-17-2017  Conscious Community Lecture – Peter’s talk on “The Promises of Edgar Cayce for the New Age… and GREATER Things Shall YOU do!

– Exciting News! –  Soul Contact with Peter Woodbury 
Peter has created his own YouTube Channel where he will be posting new videos.

Click here to view YouTube Channel

08-30-2017  A.R.E. Edgar Cayce Forum – Peter’s talk on “Reincarnation Unnecessary”

  86th Annual A.R.E. Members Congress – Peter’s presentation on

Edgar Cayce’s Promises for the Aquarian Age  “…and GREATER things shall YOU do!”
Click here for A.R.E. On-Demand Access
Click here to view from DropBox  (This is a shortened version of the full talk, available only thru the ARE on demand link above for a fee. This DropBox link will take a few minutes to load)

03-18-2017  Edgar Cayce’s Hometown Seminar – News article on Peter’s talk
Cayce Followers: Eclipse the Dawn of New Age | News | Kentucky New Era

11-30-2016  A.R.E. Edgar Cayce Forum – Peter’s talk on “Edgar Cayce on Creation”

   Fellowship of the Inner Light – Peter’s talk on The New Age

 A.R.E. Lecture on Hypnosis and Regression

A.R.E. 85th Annual Congress
Follow the Water Bearer: Jesus’ Message of Oneness for the Aquarian Age

Fellowship of the Inner Light – Peter’s talk on the Prodigal Son

A.R.E. eGroup Many Lives-One Source – Class Overview

A.R.E Survey Lecture – Edgar Cayce 101

A.R.E. 84th Annual Congress – Edgar Cayce’s Greatest Hits

A.R.E. Headquarters – Using and Applying Universal Laws

March 2012
– A.R.E. Staff Meeting – Edgar Cayce and the New Age

Audio Lectures:

Peter’s performance of “An Evening with Edgar Cayce”:
Click here to download audio recording

An Evening with Edgar Cayce

Peter’s talks on Reincarnation and Soul Mates/Twin Souls from 2009 A.R.E. Egypt Trip:
Click here to listen to lectures

To contact Peter for appointments, groups or speaking engagements please send email to: peterTFwoodbury@gmail.com

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