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May 11 thru 15, 2022
Online Regression Hypnosis Certification Training
Past life regression and more…Peter leads a 4 1/2 day Regression Hypnotherapy Certification training.
In this regression hypnosis hands-on training program, you will gain both the theory and practice of hypnosis and regression therapy. Each student will complete this certification program will watch Peter perform 3 live regression demonstrations with students picked from the class, as well as by being regressed 3 times by 3 different colleagues and also regressing 3 different colleagues. You will complete the program feeling competent to begin a regression hypnosis practice should you so desire. You will have experienced first hand the healing potentials of this work in 3 different ways, 3 separate times: (1) by observing Peter, (2) by being a regressionist and (3) by receiving regressions.
You can then add this skill to your current practice or create a practice using regression hypnotherapy as a tool for profound healing and life change.
Learn this popular healing modality, with respected psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and Harvard University graduate, trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, Peter Woodbury, and become certified in Regression Hypnotherapy.
assistance available
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May 17 thru 22, 2022
Online Holistic Life Coach Certification Training Program
with Peter Woodbury
Become a Life Coach! Change Lives for the Better!
Are people naturally drawn to you? Do people feel safe with you and tell you their intimate stories? Have you basically been a “life coach” most, if not all, of your life? If so, then perhaps it’s time to take your gift to the next level?!
In this training, we will assist you to take what you already know and what you already do and adapt that skill set into a life coaching model! Your “Super Powers” are in all the life challenges and obstacles that you have overcome. Your story is the guidebook that will help many. If you are looking to move into a life work of meaning and purpose, this could be just the training for you!
assistance available
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November 10 thru 20, 2022 – Waiting list only
October 27 to November 6, 2022 – space available

Spiritual Tour of Egypt – Awakening the Initiate!
(includes 4 online courses prior to the trip!)* 
with Peter Woodbury & Abdallah Fayed
I first came to Egypt & Giza as a 6 year old boy! My great grandfather was Egyptian and I have never stopped returning to this sacred land. I have led or co-led tours of Egypt for 20 years. In those many travels, I have made a good friend, Abdallah Fayed, who has become one of the most respected and beloved tour guides of Egypt. We will be working together to create a life transforming experience for you!
One of the highlights of the tour will be the 11/11/22 ReInitiation in the Great Pyramid. There are many interpretations of the many spiritual purposes of the Great Pyramid, and I believe that the main one is how the King’s Chamber/”The Chamber of the Open Tomb” is an initiation chamber, where the initiate would leave their bodies for 3 days thru the supposed “air ducts” and eventually return, awakened to the great mysteries of the truth of the soul.
I will use meditation & trance induction techniques to guide travelers through the initiatory experiences for which the Great Pyramid is intended. We will have 2 hours of exclusive private time in the Great Pyramid on November 11, 2022!|
*We will be meditating and energetically interacting with all the spiritual sites we will be visitingThe tour price includes 4 classes I will be teaching over Zoom;
              Understanding The Egyptian Book of The Dead

             Ancient Egyptian Mysticism
             Introduction to the Egyptian Deities & Basic Heirogyliphics
             Introduction to the Great Pyramid Initiation
The ideal of the tour is that we come to Egypt not so much as tourists, but as spiritual pilgrims. We are here to transform not just visit, here to interact and experince and not just see with the external eyes. The advance courses are designed to have us arrive prepared for some deep awakening work!
Abdallah and I have worked diligently together to create as least expensive a tour as possible, while maintaining key costly elements such as the 2 hours private time in the Great Pyramid. I went to Egypt in 1996 and paid $2000 to be on a tour with 80 people! So $2,499 in 2022 is pretty good. My advertising catch phrase is, “If you can find a cheaper tour to Egypt with what this tour package includes…then take it!”

Some of you prefer a more “lux” tour and I will offer those again in the future. But the ideal of this tour is to make Egypt available to the budget traveler.
I have also created a scholarship program to offer assistance to anyone who couldn’t afford the trip otherwise. If you need financial aid to attend, please inquire and if you would like to donate to the scholarship programs, please let me know!
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16 Responses to Peter’s Schedule

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  2. Bay Native says:


  3. Asunción says:

    Peter, are you still doing Skype regression sessions? I clicked on your email to schedule, not getting thru…. my apologies for coming in this way…

  4. Stephanie L Vieu says:

    I would love to sign up for a class. Do you plan on coming to the Northwestern state of Oregon anytime soon?

    Stephanie Vieu, M.S. LPC, CADC II

    • petertfwoodbury says:

      Hi Stephanie,
      Thanks for your interest.
      I might host a class in the Seattle area in the fall.

  5. Randy Smith says:

    I have to imagine this must have happened so I want to ask. Have you encounter once, or perhaps many times past lives coming up as Alien Beings not of Earth ? I had the most bizarre lucid experience the other night. Not just a visitation of a being but found myself to be different as well.

    It’s like its interesting when it’s someone else 🙂

    I like how it is said that people often times are help via their PLR in present life. QHHT which I am sure you are aware, claim to go deeper than normal PLR. Is there in your feelings and experience a point where nonsense comes in via influence not of the Person’s sub or super consciousness ? Kind of a entertained jokester influence?

    I haven’t much money but I plan to look at your online information as this interest me, but I am a bit chicken .

    Peace to you Peter, enjoy your ARE presence and interviews.

    • petertfwoodbury says:

      Hi Randy,
      I think each regressionist develops a specialty and mine is guides. I get very few alien experiences but other regressionists get a lot of those.
      I think the depth of the session is more a factor of the suggestibility of the client than of the method. The QHHT method can take a long time (4 hours) which can contribute to the depth of trance). I guide people into a state where they are both hypnotized and not hypnotized, and in this way they can consciously process what is coming in from the subconscious/soul realm.
      Regarding “nonsense” 🙂 It isn’t my job to ascertain what is “real” or not. I’m facilitating towards what is helpful. “Reality” is very consciousness based.
      Once the chicken becomes a banty rooster, let me know! I’d be happy to work with you.

  6. Pam says:

    Any plans Arizona,Sedona would be great!!!

  7. Mary Osani says:

    I’d love to have Mr. Woodbury preform a past life regression on me in person. But I live in Valley Stream, NY. (On Long Island)

  8. Francis safo says:

    Hello , Mr Peter Woodbury. I saw a YouTube interview of you being interviewed by Luisa on her channel , passion harvest and I decided I would like to be trained in how to do past life regression and use it to help people to solve problems they are facing in this life. I live in Ghana , Accra , in a suburb called dansoman last stop , behind star of the sea Catholic church and I am 60 years and I have not worked for 20 years and don’t have a pension. And I am not married and don’t have any children. But I know I am soul , a spiritual being and I would like to give service to God and others through this spiritual modality. Could you please teach me the principles , through email , for free?? What do you advise??could you send me training videos on how to do hypnotic regression to help others solve their problems?? Bye

    • petertfwoodbury says:

      Hi Francis, I also received your email and sent you the link to my YouTube channel. There’s a lot there about regression hypnosis. Let me know how it goes.

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