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Recommended Listening
This interview highlights the options available in a session with Peter.  He recommends listening to this interview prior to booking your session.


Hypnosis/Regression Sessions over Skype
Peter is available to conduct hypnosis/regression sessions over Skype.

Personalized Hypnosis Recordings
Due to the many requests, Peter is now offering personalized hypnosis recordings.  
Once you let Peter know what issues you are wrestling with and wish to resolve, he will create a personal hypnosis recording for you of about 20 minutes for you to listen to as you fall asleep.

Personalized Regression Recordings
There have also been numerous requests for regression recordings.  
Peter will also do those on a personal basis.

He is working on providing a generic recording at a lower fee.
Stay tuned and let us know your feedback.


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Regression Hypnosis Session – $250



Personalized Hypnosis Recording – $150


For other amounts, pay directly to link below: