Karmystery – The Karmic Mystery of Chemistry & Soul Mates

In Kevin Todeschi’s book, Edgar Cayce on Soulmates, he makes this summary statement about Cayce’s readings regarding the matter of soulmates:

“A soulmate is an ongoing connection with another individual that the soul picks up again in various times and places over lifetimes. We are attracted to another person at a soul level not because that person is our unique compliment, but because of being with that individual, we are somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves”

Oftentimes, when we feel attracted to someone, or not attracted, and we can’t quite put our finger on what exactly is the cause, we will say it has to do with “chemistry”. Chemistry becomes this elusive element that is either there or not. We may even feel comfortable telling someone that the chemistry isn’t there as it really renders all involved blameless. It’s the French version of, je ne sais quoi, meaning “I can’t quite explain why”, – the reasons come from a place we can’t quite explain.

It is my understanding that the feeling arises from the subconscious mind, and subconscious memory. Cayce tells us Karma is actually soul memory. I would add that it is subconscious soul memory. According to Cayce, our past lives influence us emotionally. We are drawn or repelled to people and places oftentimes because of our subconscious karmic memories and the related feelings. This is why I have coined the term “karmystery” as a better term to explain the deeper causation of our attractions and disaffections.

As a child I loved reading teaching stories, like Aesop’s fables. The hungry fox can’t quite reach the grapes, so he tells himself, “they were probably sour anyway!” and hence the term “sour grapes”. Most fables offered a puzzle and I enjoyed solving them. Then I happened upon the story of the Princess and The Pea. This was one my young mind couldn’t quite grasp. I’ll try and make the story more accessible as I retell it.

A king and queen want their child, a prince/princess to marry a royal peer. But they fear imposters will come, prince or princess “wanna bes” so to speak, so they devise a crafty test. They set up the royal guest room with a large bed with 100 mattresses and put a small pea under the bottom mattress. They know that just the right person for their child will feel the pea. So the candidates arrive, sleep on the trick bed, and one after the other, after reporting sleeping so well on the guest bed, are unceremoniously shown the door. “Don’t call us, we’ll call you!” Until one candidate awakens and reports, “I cannot tell a lie! I slept terribly this night! It was like a boulder was under the bed!” The king and queen rejoice as they have found just the right candidate to marry their child. They have found their soulmate!

Do you have any problems with this story? As a child I thought, “They pick the complainer? Yes, they are honest, but they want their child to spend their life with someone so sensitive that a pea feels like a boulder? Huh?” But I did notice that people did seem to partner in odd ways. “Hmmm”, I thought, “Maybe there is something to this story after all?”

It wasn’t until I learned Edgar Cayce’s story about soulmates that a deeper meaning to the fairy tale revealed itself.  The young prince/princess are us. We are not suitable with just anyone. We must find our soulmate.  The 100 mattresses represent “100” lifetimes, or “sleeps”. Many lifetimes ago, a small seed was planted. Pea as the letter P, could stand for the Past. Something happened many lifetimes ago, in the past, that hasn’t been resolved. The soul partner “awakens” to this deep subconscious reality in their sleep. This no longer dormant past life influence remains between the two soulmates and draws them together, like a magnetic attraction. They have “karmystry”. It wasn’t there with any of the other candidates. I would also like to add that Cayce tells us that we have many soulmates, and not all are romantic. We have Peas out there with many individuals and we also have “Ps” as Patterns, that will connect us to others, not because of a past life with together, but due to a mutually shared pattern that we can help each other work through. In this way, our soulmates provides us the impetus to work through the shared karmic pattern and resolve one of the key purposes for incarnation.


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6 Responses to Karmystery – The Karmic Mystery of Chemistry & Soul Mates

  1. Jacqueline Cahelo says:

    I love this and feel it is absolutely true!! I met someone that I felt unaccountably attracted to and discovered thru a series of regressions that I had shared 5 previous lifetimes with them- some satisfactory and some not. I also discovered I had a soul contract with them this go round that is very difficult- and yet I have grown immensely- personally and spiritually.

  2. Nicole Velasquez says:

    Peter you are so eloquent in your speaking and writing. I like the topic of this article and agree with what you wrote about karmystery… (great word!) I have experienced this feeling in my life, and actually just experienced it at one of your conferences. This is something I wonder: when a person experiences this soul memory, does the other person always feel it at the same time, or can it be just one sided… Maybe they both experience the feeling of it, but might not know what it is or what causes it. I like having the understanding that it is because of karma and soul recognition.
    Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing!

    • petertfwoodbury says:

      Thank you, Nicole!
      Unfortunately, both people usually won’t feel the karmystery in the same way. People that are more soul conscious would have a clearer understanding while a less soul conscious person would just feel the chemistry/attraction. It’s good to remember and discern the karmystery to understand what the unresolved karma involves. Eyes open is always better.

  3. Radoslawa says:

    Hopefully, I will not bore anybody with this rather long text. It’s a true story. I saw a therapist in September 2020 because of terrible nightmares, which kept coming back. The therapist used hypnosis to help me overcome those. It wasn’t meant to be a past life regression. It was about a tree’s life which I followed during hypnosis. The nightmares disappeared immediately. Archetypal dreams followed instead. Also, a mystical experience, where I’ve looked into someone’s eye. I met him only one time. What I’ve seen was exactly that what Edgar Cayce and Peter described here. He and I shared countless life experiences in the past and we will continue doing so into the future. This man did not see anything. It seems like in this lifetime there’s no opportunity for the two of us to learn something together. Maybe next time around.

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