Session Testimonials

Greetings Peter,                                                                                   February 2017
I’m writing to thank you for the immense impact of the past life regression I experienced after your conference.  As you noted in our brief conversation that day, I have had the most amazing dreams & waking thoughts come in that have illuminated the present and past relationships in my life, especially with my biological family.  I am eager to experience more & have been visualizing images that I need to put on canvas soon!  I truly thank you again for guiding me in finding this HUGE piece of my life puzzle. I look forward to further communication & seeing you again in the future.  I appreciate you & the work you do.
Carole G

Teaching Testimonials

Integrated Imagery:  Regression Hypnosis
Graduate Certificate Program – Atlantic University – April 2017

A year ago I set out on a 3-semester course in Integrated Imagery at Atlantic Univ. in Virginia Beach. I had no idea how much it would change my life. It’s fitting that we end the course on Easter, because finishing is truly a rebirth. I can’t help but ask myself how I got here because I never set out to be a hypnotherapist & past life regressionist. But two years ago, I saw our mentor, Peter Woodbury speak on past life regression at a conference and within a year, I was in his class. He’s been an amazing, inspirational teacher. He created a beautiful, trusting atmosphere in which we could show our most vulnerable selves and, as a result, our class formed a very tight bond this past year, with each other and with Peter. The beautiful souls with whom I shared this journey are now some of my dearest friends. Diana, Katy, Francine, Macrena M & I won’t be seeing each other every semester in Virginia Beach, as we did this past year, but we WILL be sharing a beautiful weekend of laughter & love in Santa Fe this fall and will be in touch often across the miles, sharing our experiences as we do this work. Thank you, too, to those of you who allowed me the privilege of practicing on you. Most of my practice clients came from my Facebook friends and you were all patient and wonderful! Finally, I couldn’t let this day pass without acknowledging the wonder divine guidance and the power of listening to that inner voice that shows us the way and accompanies us every step…and encouraging you all to trust in it.
Carol C

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