Session Testimonials

October 2021

Hi Peter,
You are right, there was a lot to think about after Friday’s session!
I learned a couple of things: my questions reflect my state of consciousness, specifically about my grandparents reincarnating as my granddaughters. You helped me understand that all is ONE! Also, as difficult as it was for me to look at and think about the images I saw from a previous life, it gave me courage to understand that I can persevere come what may. I think I was going into fear about what I was going to see in your guided semi-trance! I realize that I do not have to get pulled into reactivity when I see things in this life or my past life.
I truly appreciate the session and it was absolutely amazing! I will follow up with your suggestion to do journaling.
Linda P

February 2020

Dearest Peter,
I am feeling so grateful to you and the process we shared with my regression yesterday. In looking back I think I finally understand the experience of being hypnotized. I seem to have been easily and deeply hypnotized. Yes?

The experience of being anointed and enveloped in light and love has stayed with me although it is fading some. I truly believe that I experienced Oneness. It would be very helpful for me to actively continue to allow myself to receive this blessing.

I was thinking that having a recording of the hypnosis process we went through might be of value for me, the need for a structured way to re-enter that space. So, I could listen to it as a way to more easily continue to access that light and love?Would that fall under this: Personalized Hypnosis Recordings? How much do you charge for this? Would it be a recording of a similar process that you used during my session? How would I get the recording? CD, a USB drive, mp3 file sent to me via email?

Again, thanks so much,
Sarah J

February 2020

I forgot to share the best part of my session and say thank you!

I experienced an IMMENSE sense of joy – something I have not felt in a very long time. As you were counting me out I had a blissful circle of white light around my heart. You couldn’t hear me yelling – Nooooooo!!!! I don’t want to leave!! As you said I can go there anytime on my own and I have.

Thank you for that gift!
Kathy N

January 2020
Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for yesterday’s session. I wanted to check in and let you know how much better I am feeling today. I was feeling rather alone and wounded on the battlefield! I felt a little embarrassed about being such a wreck. But that is a testament to what you offer, that I could be comfortable in sharing my vulnerabilities. It has been a rough month, but I am feeling good about the positive changes in my life, even though shocking and a big transition. I think that can happen when a more ideal timeline is available. It feels like a rolling down a hill, out of control, and getting banged all around, but hopefully landing somewhere new and beautiful!
Today I am feeling held, and supported, and grounded with much better perspective. I was able to connect with my landlord and am feeling much more comfortable in my new place. A vision that has been coming up in my work with others is like an embryonic sheath of gently nurturing and protective energies. I didn’t mention it specifically yesterday, but it was a goal of the session, and that would accurately describe the shift I feel today. I deeply appreciate what you have offered. I wonder if you have a sense of the power of the work you do?!

It has not been easy to find my own healing support, although I have been able to help many others. It’s been hard to trust, with nefarious forces seemingly everywhere. I appreciate your pure energy and how your work resonates with the Christ-light stream, which has allowed me to feel safe to receive. I am profoundly grateful. May you be showered with blessings for being available, able, and willing to hold space for me at this potent time!

Thanks beyond words,
Andrea E.

November 2019
I am aware of a tremendous expansion of awareness — after the sessions — which I am quickly absorbing as I go about rest, recuperation and daily routines.
On another note:  I am in awe with the fact that you have been able to develop a program that covers such an extensive span of time and space.  It’s mind-boggling to say the least, but timely; and, importantly, I am sure bringing hope to many struggling with these challenging times. Your injection of humor is appropriate, helpful and artful throughout the presentation!
Blessings to you Peter, and thank you.
Mary S

July 2019

“I wanted to let you know that at my last appointment you cured my insomnia!  I told my doctor it was like a miracle. I had tried everything including several prescription drugs before I agreed to try Ambien (the ONLY thing that worked but I had been needing it every night for a couple of years.). Sleeping was impossible without it. That evening after my appointment I thought I’d give it a chance and try not to take the medicine. No offense but I honestly didn’t think it would make any difference. I was shocked that I actually slept -and I have not used any medicine since! What a great difference in my life!”

– Nancy G 

Hi Peter,                                                                                                       June 2018              

I wanted to sincerely thank you for doing the past life regression on Wed.  And thank you for allowing my sister to record it.  It was a wonderful experience.  I can “feel” a difference in the way I react to things already.  It’s not anything noticeable except to me or even something I can really explain.  I appreciate your time and expertise.  Thank you again.

Kathy H

Michelle W – 2/05/18

“I had my first Soul Contact/Past Life Regression today, via Skype, with Peter Woodbury. It was profound. Mind blowing, really… so glad to have discovered this amazing being, he is quite gifted, a master in his field.

I’ve always had mixed feelings at the thought of being hypnotized, excited yet fearful. Peter goes slowly, making sure you feel safe protected and supported at all times. I also was apprehensive and unsure of how well a phone distance/Skype session would go, but it was absolutely perfect, in the comfort of my own home, in my favorite easy chair.

He took me wayyyyy back, I visited 3 past lives, the most profound of which revisited my previous life with my daughter in another time (adding telling pieces to the puzzle her kidney condition!!!!!! Not to mention my own personal correlations. And with Peter’s technique, you are able to recall his guided words and process entirely, and are able to continue the journey independently on your own, during self-guided mediation, after the session is complete, to further the experience and receive the entire picture of each past life at a pace you are ready for it. Not all at once. In bits that you are able to receive and assimilate in a safe and healthy way. Peter is a well studied, world renown practitioner.

I highly recommend him! I look forward to studying Soul Contact with Peter this spring, and offering this amazing modality locally. Thank you Peter for opening doors I never knew existed, and providing pieces to the puzzle of my life that, now in place, will enable me to flourish beyond what I once thought possible!”

Michelle W – 2/08/18 (3 days later)

“Peter I love how this week after our session has been unfolding! My daughter is opening up like we never knew was possible. She is responding to folks in community, holding full conversations, even telling stories! She is engaging and STARTING conversations!!! Night and day difference. Before, she would clam up, freeze up, and often times NOT be able to speak at all.

In the Soul Contact session, it was revealed my daughter had witnessed my death, in our mutual past life. In that life, she held the burden of responsibility for my death, and several other children’s deaths as well. She was mute from that moment, from that trauma & shock, did not speak. She was filled with great fear. Which is fascinating, as fear oftentimes correlates to malfunctioning kidneys. In this current life, this emotional burden showed up as chronic kidney disease, namely Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome.

A great burden has been lifted from her shoulders, and I am absolutely delighted to discover, that no, there is not something physically wrong with my daughter’s brain or thought process, this was an emotional arrest from a past life, that now light has been shed upon, burdens relieved, forgiveness of self, and she is now finally becoming who she will become in her current lifetime! I am looking forward to seeing more of her true, unburdened, body mind and soul unfolding! Even down to the way she sleeps has changed… usually she has a leg hooked onto my back… all… night… long, to make sure she has me ‘locked in’ and unable to leave her side…. now, she is confident and assured to sleep on her own, she curls up on her side of the bed. Astonishing.”

Greetings Peter,                                                                                   February 2017
I’m writing to thank you for the immense impact of the past life regression I experienced after your conference.  As you noted in our brief conversation that day, I have had the most amazing dreams & waking thoughts come in that have illuminated the present and past relationships in my life, especially with my biological family.  I am eager to experience more & have been visualizing images that I need to put on canvas soon!  I truly thank you again for guiding me in finding this HUGE piece of my life puzzle. I look forward to further communication & seeing you again in the future.  I appreciate you & the work you do.

Carole G

Teaching Testimonials

Integrated Imagery:  Regression Hypnosis
Graduate Certificate Program – Atlantic University – April 2017

A year ago I set out on a 3-semester course in Integrated Imagery at Atlantic Univ. in Virginia Beach. I had no idea how much it would change my life. It’s fitting that we end the course on Easter, because finishing is truly a rebirth. I can’t help but ask myself how I got here because I never set out to be a hypnotherapist & past life regressionist. But two years ago, I saw our mentor, Peter Woodbury speak on past life regression at a conference and within a year, I was in his class. He’s been an amazing, inspirational teacher. He created a beautiful, trusting atmosphere in which we could show our most vulnerable selves and, as a result, our class formed a very tight bond this past year, with each other and with Peter. The beautiful souls with whom I shared this journey are now some of my dearest friends. Diana, Katy, Francine, Macrena M & I won’t be seeing each other every semester in Virginia Beach, as we did this past year, but we WILL be sharing a beautiful weekend of laughter & love in Santa Fe this fall and will be in touch often across the miles, sharing our experiences as we do this work. Thank you, too, to those of you who allowed me the privilege of practicing on you. Most of my practice clients came from my Facebook friends and you were all patient and wonderful! Finally, I couldn’t let this day pass without acknowledging the wonder divine guidance and the power of listening to that inner voice that shows us the way and accompanies us every step…and encouraging you all to trust in it.


Carol C

November 2019

Dear Peter,
I want to thank you for being an awesome teacher!
It amazes me when I reflect on that week; the emotion and personal growth I experienced in that conference room. In that special place; Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.; you created a sacred space with your presence, your teaching, and “your way”.  How your workshop elevated my thinking and lifted me to feel connected to something so much larger than just myself; is impossible for me to fully express.
I have attended many classes and workshops, always looking to answer that one more question that flows from an endless stream of wondering. The questions are never ending for me, but your workshop was one of the best I have participated in and you are a master at what you do.
I don’t know what I will do with what I have learned; even so, I feel this new knowledge is filling in another part of this circle of myself that is so mysterious to me.
Sincere Thank You

Anne R

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