Old Age vs. New Age

As you know from reading my blog and my lectures, I oftentimes delineate between this New Age we are entering and differentiating it from the outgoing age. Today, I’d like to add some further reflections.
A benchmark of the “Old Age”/previous age was in that the healer was outside of self. The doctor was outside. In the time of Jesus, all you had to do was show up – blind, dead, etc. – just show up and the heavy lifting was done for you. God through Jesus activated the faith to enable the miracles. I think what drew the large crowds wasn’t so much Jesus’ radical teachings about Love, but the phenomena of the miracles. People wanted relief from their suffering. I think His teachings were largely over their heads. I think He was planting seeds. Sometimes I imagine Jesus speaking and the crowd growing restless. Slowly a chant of, “Heal, HEAL, HEAL!” rising up and Jesus ending His talk and beginning to heal. Some of the essential teachings of Jesus were about the Kingdom of Heaven being within and that greater things will we do with God’s guidance, as He did. Then 2,000 years later, Edgar Cayce comes along and in a trance state accesses people’s subconscious minds and offers individuals the path to healing. But again, the healer is outside of self.

I feel my work, as connected to many doing this work, is about accessing God within. I think that while in the Old Age people were more shut off to God access, in the New Age, we are much more able to “enter the inner temple” and “listen to the still small voice” and experience God within. Many people come to sessions merely curious but open minded and are quite shocked at the levels of consciousness they are able to attain and the profound change that has occurred in a mere hour or two of tuning into God within. I further believe that what had only been accessible to Initiates, is now available to almost everyone. Cayce talked about how the Great Pyramid of Egypt had many spiritual purposes. There are 3 main chambers in the Great Pyramid: “The Room of Upsidedownness”, “The Chamber of the Second Birth” and the “Chamber of the Open Tomb”. In the latter two spaces, there are small openings in the rooms that lead outside. Conventional archeology says those are air ducts to regulate temperature and air quality. Cayce said those were passageways for the soul as it left the body. In these 2 chambers, the Initiate’s consciousness would leave the body for three days and be awakened/reminded of the Truth of the soul, the eternal nature of the Soul and the multidimensional realities of consciousness. They would enter the “many mansions” Jesus spoke of.  They would no longer be “sleeping beauties”, but Awakened Initiates.
I believe in modern times, we are taking the “pyramid” to the people. We don’t lay people down in an open sarcophagus with soul pathways closeby, but in our offices, we guide people out of the ego/daily consciousness into the Greater Consciousness. They have a transcendent experience that, oftentimes, changes them deeply. There are popular current books about near death experiences by people such as Anita Moorjani and Eben Alexander, which are very very similar to what a person can experience through a regression session. You don’t have to almost die to meet God. You don’t need ayahuasca to have a transcendent experience. You don’t need anything other than the intention. We are all wired for God contact. In the New Age it is readily available. What was part of the mystery schools and the teachings of the Initiates is now available to everyone. The Old Age was about individuals awakening. The New Age is about Collective Awakening.

My hope in doing my work is to facilitate a “Soul Contact” experience for those who come to me. Good things happen as a result. My method also involves a good deal of post-hypnotic suggestions so clients/initiates will keep going within for guidance. In the spirit of Jesus’ lesson of teaching people to fish, rather than just giving away fish, my work ideal is to teach people how to access these spiritual levels of consciousness on their own. It’s not a great business model 🙂 but it works. I am also tooling my work more towards teaching people how to lead others into “Soul Contact”, what has traditionally been called Past Life Regression.

I have a final thought regarding the “Second Birth” alluded to in the Great Pyramid. In the same vein of Jesus’ teaching that we “must be born again”, I find that moving a person from the physical into the spiritual and back into the physical is a sort of “rebirthing” process. People come back into their physical consciousness having changed. The experience of something greater than themselves can be and often is, profoundly constructive. In the three dimensional language of Earth and using water as an example, I think of the body/earth consciousness as ice, the mind as water and spirit as steam. In a regression, you move a person from the ice, through the water into steam. Then once they have experienced the steam consciousness, they don’t have to come back into the same “ice tray”. They can pour themselves into a new form that serves them better. Mind is the builder. The Mind is fluid. I connect this process to what Jesus called being “born again”. In the New Age, you don’t have to die to reincarnate. You don’t have to have a near death experience to awaken. You don’t need drugs, music, or anything outside yourself. All you need to do is turn inward, seeking with an open heart and mind, holding to that Truth that “if you seek, you shall find”. Find out for yourself. There’s never been a better time to access God within. As Cayce said, one of the markers of the New Age is the thinning of the veil between the human consciousness and the God consciousness. See for yourself.

Now you might ask if you need a regressionist to lead this process or if you can do it yourself. You certainly can do it yourself. I recommend you say a prayer of protection first and then initiate a meditation or use a guided recording to assist you. What I do think happens in a session with a regressionist is close to what Jesus alluded to when He said, “when two or more gather…” Having a regressionist helps with the first session. As a client you can feel your way through the process and feel secure that you have a “watcher”, someone facilitating the process. Basically, someone guiding you in and out. But once you’ve had a session, especially with someone that uses my method or a similar method (of giving you post hypnotic suggestions encouraging you to follow this pathway yourself in the future), then you should be able to do this on your own. Also recording the induction (guided meditation) of the regressionist and using it later to guide you, can also be helpful.

As much as the current affairs of our world look like a mess on the surface, in the deeper realms of consciousness, God has never been so close. If you feel any lack of God connection or soul life, I recommend you try to seek within. It isn’t guaranteed but it is worth the try. Give God a chance to work with you. You very well could be very pleasantly surprised.

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11 Responses to Old Age vs. New Age

  1. Peter, thank you for putting into eloquent words what I’ve been experiencing and attempting to share with others. I wondered how my re-birth on 7/13/2011 fit into the Old World. You’ve helped me accept that it was simply being born into a new Reality where there are preconceptions: physically and in the Earth, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually. I feel so alive! V2

  2. jcfadot says:

    Hi Peter, great post! Thank you. You have described the very essence of the new age: we, humans now want to experiment by ourselves thé “God within”. It certainly is a long path, it is also the best one!

  3. Nicole Velasquez says:

    Peter, thank you for your writing. Your posts are interesting, informative, thought provoking, and so well written. (….” all you had to do was show up – blind, dead, etc…” oh my gosh that cracked me up! Your writing style and great topics keep us coming back for more!

  4. Drew says:

    Hello Peter, I thank you for all the work you do! Is there a way to reach you, if you have the time? I know a lot of us have nothing but time right now! 🙂

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