Give it away…

I have been working with Cayce’s challenge that we make a study of Oneness for at least six months. It is such a deep subject. As you saw in a recent post, Cayce tells us that even our understanding of good and evil as being seperate is erroneous – that they are one! What???

What I have come to understand is that soul time is in the infinite, and body/ego time is in the three dimesional. Here we have past, present and futute. Cayce says all time is one. I can see that if we move to the infinite consciousness, then there is no past or future. Then all that exists is the now, the eternal now.

I also get how important it is to let go. Physically, Cayce says that physical health is basically predicated upon how well we absorb nutrients and release toxins. In other words, how well we take in the useful and release the no longer useful. In the mind, we need to let go of grudges, resentments, toxic emotions and hold onto love, joy, hope as eternal states of consciousness. Forgiveness is a process of letting go. Spiritually, the Buddha taught compassion – letting go of judgement – and detachment – letting go of grasping. Cayce advises letting go of our attachment to outcomes. The Bible speaks of how the person of the spirit “knows not from where they come nor where they go”. In meditation we begin to move away from thought and move into our beingness, our existance beyond thought and beyond attachment.

I believe that letting go is tied into oneness. Grasping, in Buddhism, is the belief that some thing or feeling, is better than another. The truth is to come to know them as one.  Don’t get too high when things are good, or too low when they are difficult. The middle path. The opposites meet in Christ. Oneness. This, too, shall pass. The infinite Oneness mind is not the waves, it is the Ocean.If all that exists is the “now”, then the now contains all – good, evil, easy, hard, ying, yang – all is indeed one.

Anyways…those are my thoughts…what are yours?  How do you grasp – oops! – comprehend Oneness.

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  1. Great post Peter. I too agree with Cayce’s wisdom and words, which is a good thing given what I do! =-)
    I have worked on understanding, incorporating and living the idea of “oneness” for a while. I recently completed an oil painting that is my interpretation of that “battle” that most of us feel at some point in our lives regarding separation; good and evil, etc. That was one of my ways of working through my understanding of it.

  2. Carmen Shaikh says:

    Peter, I have been reading a book called “El Ser Uno” There is a FB page and the books can be read online. The information in this book was channeled to a woman in Argentina. In reference to the concept of Oneness. From reading the book I understand that there was a “Principio Unico” or God “The One Beginning”. Everything was created by him, no one really knows what he is, only that he emits a brilliant light. The book explains the process of our creation. How God became conscious of himself, he wanted to communicate, he created “Hijos Pensamientos” or his children who were “Thoughts” and that they were like crystals that were very light in every way, At some point there was an explosion and these Crystal Thought Children were sent so far away from Him that they densified and we are they. However, God has implanted a crystal from the original creation inside of us (I think it is in the Pineal gland) The book goes on to explain that the crystals that densified were distorted and ill, or nothing like the original very light crystals. In conclusion, we are very far away from God but inside of us we have something from God’s first creation. Another very important point, is that, we are God’s Thought Children” and in order to activate the crystal and approach the highest beings we must cultivate Positive Thoughts. With Positive Thoughts we create the energetic body to proceed to higher levels of understanding. With Positive Thoughts other beings can approach us to assist. The book explains that Negative Thoughts (remember Cayce said Thoughts are Things) actually produce chemicals that travels to our nervous system and makes us ill. Positive Thoughts travel to our Pineal Gland. Only with our Thoughts do we approach “El Principio Unico” or “The One Begining” who is pure, love, and our creator.

  3. Marty Ozols says:

    One-derful piece! The first, most primary Universal Law is worth repeating; “We Are One”. IMHO it would be the perfect slogan for the Green Party with “Love is Law” on the other side of the sign. Do you happen to have the citation for the challenge in the first sentence? (Don’t worry about it if finding it is a challenge itself.)

    • petertfwoodbury says:

      Thank you, Marty. Here’s the Cayce quote I reference:
      “The first lesson for SIX MONTHS should be ONE – One – One – ONE; Oneness of God, oneness of man’s relation, oneness of force, oneness of time, oneness of purpose, ONENESS in every effort – Oneness – Oneness!”
      Edgar Cayce‬ reading 900-429

  4. Susan Taylor says:

    How do I comprehend Oneness..? By imagining infinity (and I have just enough personal ego to believe I can actually do that). This one universe is so vast, it’s nearly incomprehensible. Yet I believe it is the tiniest of drops in the bucket of infinity. By the very definition of the word ‘infinite’, there can be only ONE infinite thing. Everything else, by extension, MUST be a part of that ONE Thing. Nay, not “a part of”. Simply, part of. I mean, even the teeniest, tiniest part of Infinity is also infinite and identical to the Whole. Can’t be otherwise…

    Every day, quantum physics brings us closer to a Truth, despite the inability of most quantum physicists to recognize what they are seeing. Einstein showed us that energy and matter are interchangeable, each can become the other under the right circumstances. They are different expressions of the Same Thing, just as ice and vapor are different expressions of water under different circumstances… Quantum physics tries to understand the individual particles of matter that make up the atoms of which all the ‘visible’ universe is composed. String Theory, among other nearly incomprehensible things, postulates that individual particles are composed of billions, perhaps trillions of really tiny bits of vibrating energy. When enough of these tiny bits come together and vibrate at a certain frequency, a particular, um, particle is created. A neutron here, a proton there; throw in an electron and, oh look, hydrogen!

    I’ve no doubt that these tiny bits of energy, these ‘strings’, will one day be found to be composed of even smaller bits of vibrating energy, which themselves will be made of even smaller and smaller bits, ad infinitum… so to speak… okay, pardon the pun… Because I believe the ultimate vibration, unobservable by any device of man, is THE VIBRATION. The highest, most perfect Vibration in which all vibrations Exist…

    The One Infinite Thing is Energy, eternal (without Beginning or End), Conscious, Self-Aware and infinitely Creative… Imagination, manifest, if you will… Every moment, an infinite number of universes are born (or die), each Expressing a ‘different’ aspect of the One Infinite Thing… and if I, a simple human being, living on a fragile speck of stardust in the lonely backwoods of a mostly-average galaxy can imagine such a Being, just think of what such a One can Imagine for Itself…

    (pause to let that sink in)

    Universes are like dreams (fantasies, really), in which the One plays out every possibility inherent in the initial “mix” — like bread-making; depending on the individual ingredients and how they’re put together and baked, you can get everything from the lowliest of unleavened flat-bread to the rich and moist goodness of cake — Our universe is a Dream, unfolding within the Mind along with countless others, much as our own dreams unfold while our bodies sleep.

    Now, most humans dream in the singular, meaning we experience the dream from the perspective of our one self. Despite the fact that it is our own mind which creates everything in the dream, including whatever people may be there (some of whom interact with us, while others seem to go about their own business), we only see, feel, hear, taste and touch with our own eyes, fingers, mouth, etc…Now, imagine that you do experience a dream from the perspective of everyone and everything in it, meaning you know yourself as the chair you sit upon, and the floor or ground or street under your feet. You see yourself from the perspective of everyone, and everyone from the perspective of yourself… You, the chair, the street, the people — they’re all YOU…

    Our individual lives here on Earth are but individual Expressions of the One Experience of this universe. Each of us has infinite expressions of our own possibilities, with each and every one a perfect reflection of the Whole… Yes, good and evil ARE the Same Thing. Not even two sides of the same coin; merely part and parcel with the Whole Package… like me… and you… and my cats…

    Mercury’s going retrograde, have to stop now lest I babble all night. Oh wait, I think I just did. Sigh…

  5. Sharyn Grace says:

    Peter, it is a struggle to comprehend, as Einstein said in his theory of relativity, that there is no time. That all time is one, and that there is only the reality of now! I was so intrigued by this ….mostly because I couldn’t wrap my head around it and wanted to…so badly….that for weeks I struggled reading over and over his theory of relativity. Finally it started to sink in….and I started to get it…because we are so connected to the Earth here, from the time we are born, that there is a sense of TIME and it’s wrapped up in the apparent comings and goings of the sun and the rhythm of day and night …and our genetic material has this imprint of time embedded into it and our survival here on Earth…

    But once NOT of this Earth we can transcend our genetically encoded survival beliefs and find ourselves at a place of holiness and peace and oneness…that place of being that connects all our sojourns into itself and reveals our experiences (good and bad) are but individual threads interwoven into a tapestry of life.

    So there is the Oneness that unites us all into that tapestry of life. And that Oneness is is the Love of God that permeates and unifies all of His creations unto Himself and are perfect reflections of Him. In the same way I am a reflection of you and you are a reflection of me! In this way we are ONE!!!

  6. Orenda Lyn says:

    I have pondered this for a while – like, 5 years. Everything you mentioned resonated with me.

    My understanding of Oneness was just learning through Life experiences that we are all one. (I sort of felt that when I was young but this dimension is set up to distort that perception of Oneness.)

    I believe that when we are walking this path of Life, we have to learn “The Process” which is that every single human being was born and at birth we all begin our own quest. That quest involves finding passions, having relationships – losing relationships, and losing loved ones. There are smiles, tears, nights without sleep – nights filled with the most incredible dreams. Most label these experiences as good or bad but really it’s all One experience.

    How would we ever know how to feel happiness and joy (and appreciate it!) if we had never felt pain, sadness, and discomfort? We are born into this world kicking, screaming, filled with a desire to Love and be Loved.

    If I could relay one message to my younger self it would be “look at it with love, compassion, understanding… Patience. There is no separation.”

    My belief is that we come to Earth to practice forgiveness and acceptance, patience, love, and tolerance. The Oneness (breaking it down) is that we all come from the womb and all leave with the breath. Oneness is everywhere. I believe we are all just reflections of one another and we are all a portrayal of the creative, loving, infinite Source.

    We Are One. Always.

  7. Hal Taylor says:

    Hello Peter, I just signed up for your past life regression classes. VERY much looking forward to learning from you!

    One of my favorite Cayce quotes: “Time is an illusion, therefore distance can not be.”

    AND a metaphysical joke: The reason Jesus was so nice to everyone is that he knew he was talking to himself!

    See you before too long Peter, keep up the good work!


    • petertfwoodbury says:

      I will enjoy your participation in the class. You know Cayce and have a sense of humor. The later trumps the former. 🙂

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