Loving Differently – Loving Indifference

Loving indifference does not have that ring of an essential spiritual tool. It rings more as an oxymoron. How can we be loving and at the same time indifferent? Are they not opposites? Let’s see what Edgar Cayce had to say on the matter.

Edgar Cayce gave 18 life readings where he said the individual was close to completion of their lessons on the earth and that reincarnation would be unnecessary. Violet Shelly wrote a book, Reincarnation Unnecessary, based on those readings and Charles Thomas Cayce lectured around the country on that subject as well.  There are many gems in those readings but the most influential for me was the concept of “loving indifference”.

Cayce was speaking to a woman who had been alive at the time of the Salem Witch Trials. He was pointing out how high her ideals had been, that she had put herself at considerable risk in protecting several women that were accused of “witchcraft”, who would have been put to death had they been found.  Cayce affirmed the strength and courage of those actions. But then he went further and spoke to how her consciousness had actually fallen as a result of allowing herself to hate the men who were perpetrating the witch hunts. Better, he said, to have practiced loving indifference, where you keep doing all the right things, fight for good, protect the weak, but do not lower your consciousness to hate anyone.  He emphasized how we are all evolving and we are all beloved of our Creator.  Best, he said, leave the matter in the hands of your God, who understands the big picture in a way we never can while in a finite human body consciousness.

This lesson has been invaluable to me since I aquired it.  It is very hard in our times to be pro something without being hateful to the opposing side. Our political situation highlights this condition and if this indeed causes our consciousness to fall, and if our goals are to learn the lessons of this earth plane, then let us all consider this useful tool.

Let’s look now at the lifetimes of Edgar Cayce to get a glimpse of what might be the reasoning behind the truth of loving indifference.  Cayce had a lifetime as a high priest in ancient Egypt. He exemplified the spiritual purposes of a life on earth, namely that he was highly God attuned and he used that attunement to help others find their way to God.  In his life, he did have times where his consciousness fell, but at the end of that life he was like a Bodhisattva, he had learned the lessons of the earth and reincarnation was not necessary. But as many Bodhisattvas, they choose to reincarnate out of their love for their brothers and sisters still on the wheel of karma. He returned but the Bodhisattva status does not mean that you are immune to temptation and the consciousness falling again. He later reincarnates as John Bainbridge, the riverboat gambler, who uses his psychic ability, gained in Egypt, for selfish purposes. He can see all the cards so he rips off men and he knows what woman want to hear so he seduced women unrepentantly.  It is not that well known that the reason Edgar Cayce had to go into trance to access his full psychic ability was because of his misuse of that psychic ability while conscious as Bainbridge. Cayce also knew never to play cards. There’s a wonderful story of young Hugh Lynn and Edgar Evans wanting to know why their dad would never play cards with them. Edgar relented and asked the boys to find a deck of cards and shuffle them up real good. They did and Cayce took the deck and looking the boys staright in the eyes proceeded to call all 52 cards. “Jack of spades, 2 of hearts, 10 of diamonds…” for all 52 cards! Hugh Lynn recounted that he and Edgar Evans never quite looked at their dad the same after that!

Now he reincarnates as Edgar Cayce with the Egyptian and Bainbridge karmic legacies. He then proceeds to use his psychic ability to help largely men financially and women emotionally.  He is using his spiritual resources to correct what he injured in the past. But we can only see that from the several lifetime view. It would be easy to hate Bainbridge at that time as a scoundrel. But do you see how God’s plan is fulfilled as Cayce comes to correct the errors of Bainbridge? This has helped me to understand – stated simply – that the scoundrels of today create the karmic unfolding of their being the saints of tomorrow.  Cayce spoke even of the karma of our Christ Jesus. He did not die on the cross merely for our learning, he was also meeting Himself.

If you look at the drama of Cayce’s Egyptian lifetime and the way the karma unfolded, in our modern times it would be as if Bill Clinton were to reincarnate in middle America, married to Monica Lewinsky, their secretary being Hillary and their son being Kenneth Starr!  This has shown me, like nothing else, God is no respecter of persons. Life is about meeting karma and about spiritual growth.  Whomever seems like a scoundrel today is setting up the path to be the saint of tomorrow. And we have all been saints and scoundrels, for in that we have our compassion.

In another reading, Cayce asks that “we let God be the avenger!”  I’m careful with that reading because we can desire that God “avenge” with harsh punishment. The sacred is in the fact that God “avenges” with spiritual law – in infinite time – and with love.  If we want to maximize our spiritual advancement in this life, we can humbly accept our limited view and try loving differently through loving indifference.

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14 Responses to Loving Differently – Loving Indifference

  1. Jennifer Schmitz says:

    Very prescient post. All things have been and will be again. We think we live in such times as have never been, but all things have been played out and we are on a karmic spin cycle. But must this be? As Cayce has said on many readings, grace can release us from karma. Grace is the ultimate act of cutting the cords of attachment, the true releasing of emotional response from an experience by allowing the Oneness to guide your life. The difficulty comes not when these experiences happen, but almost more when we are aware of the energetic implication of the attachment. “I MUST let this go!” Or, “this is karma, I must cut the cords and release!” But clearly, this is a sign that the time is still not right, and one is still in a place of EGO, a place of impatience. Why is the energy still there? Why is it there in the first place? At this point, a past life regression should be the next step. A place of blindness cannot serve one seeking light, and without the full story, one cannot be enlightened. Once the history of lifetimes is known, healing will begin.

    • petertfwoodbury says:

      Thank you so much for giving me feedback. I really appreciate it!
      Now, to get to your comment…I think there are several questions and several assumptions in your comments. Let me see if I answer some of what I think you are asking. We have free will so nothing is predestined. Karma will bring us into situations to meet our causes. What we do with those opportunities is up to us. Grace, or forgiveness basically, resolves the heavy aspects of karma. Karma is merely drawing us to our causes, both hard and light. Cayce had to meet his causes from his life as Bainbridge and sow love where there had been selfishness.
      I would guess you are speaking to your own karmic entanglements and trying to figure out how to release them. I did not cover other aspects of karma such as most karma is with self. But I would be happy to conduct a regression session with you. I now work over Skype. Thanks again.

  2. LINDA Kenney says:

    Good article. Can loving indifference be an effective way to deal with family members, sort of a beginning approach when forgiveness is not easy?

  3. Vicky says:

    You posted an abbreviated version of this on the Friends of ARE Camp FB page – it was exactly what I needed to read – thank you!! A gentle but firm reminder that we all need to practice impersonal love/loving indifference.

    You said “It is very hard in our times to be pro something without being hateful to the opposing side.” So true! I have learned that it is better to work for something than to fight against something. Either way, you are giving that something your energy.

  4. Alexandria Bourcier says:

    It never occurred to me to consider what it was like for Edgar Cayce in his past lives and the experiences that led up to his being such and enlightened figure. Although I have learned a lot from a couple of others who utilize his techniques, they are following in his tried and true footsteps. As the saying goes, “you can’t improve upon the original”. 🙂
    As far as loving acceptance is concerned, I agree that close relationships (esp. family) are much more difficult (unrequited love isn’t very much fun either). However, if we can conquer the challenge of dealing with them, surely dealing with the rest of the world will be easy by comparison.
    I very much enjoyed this posting and look forward to more in the future!

    • petertfwoodbury says:

      Hi Alexandria,
      Thank you for the feedback. Loving indifference is a great spiritual tool. I will post a new entry soon.

  5. Jessica says:

    I love this.

  6. Loving Differently – Loving Indifference Thank you for your inspirational thought provoking article a very meaningful topic at this time in lots of ways personal and worldwide. PLL. Frances

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