“The Purpose of life is to move the center of identity from the ego to the Soul”   Carl Jung



I look forward to hearing from you and I will do my best to respond personally to all your inquiries.
I am committed to spiritual growth and development and all my offerings are towards that ideal. The above quote encapsulates the purpose and mission of my work – that we move from ego identification tinto soul identification. I have experienced that transition to be one that is profound and healing.

My Ideal for my work is that everything I offer contributes to my and all participants spiritual growth and development towards the goal of creating a kinder, gentler, safer world.

2022 was quite a year of endings, closing chapters, cutting cords & new beginnings.
I have little interest in looking backwards. I have learned and gained from all my stops along the way and wish only good upon those who have crossed my path. I am now solely looking forward!

I’m very much looking forward to 2023! 
I see 2023 as a crucial year as we prepare for the 2024 to 2038 “Fall of Babylon” spoken of in Revelation – basically the Old Age patterns of control through fear, selfishness & greed fighting for its life. 

I believe 2023 is a crucial year to build safe and healing spiritual networks and to develop our spiritual immunities and spiritual communities. When a pathway is to be lit at night, the lights are not bunched in one place, but put at a distance. Each light illuminates its segment of the path. So it is with us and our divine placements. We aren’t all bunched up in one location but spread at a distance.  Sometimes it gets lonely being that only light in a vast darkness. But with the advent of the internet, we no longer have to feel so isolated. From our own homes, we can connect to other lights no matter how far away, and find solace, comfort and companionship in our life missions. It is my hope, through my work, to connect folks to their soul networks and in this way amplify the work we are all here to do. This is a very important time. Without hyperbole, I truly say that we are fighting a struggle for the soul of humanity.
I am offering a number of courses, workshops, training programs and lectures throughout the year. I am creating a Wednesday night program of 4 weeks of exploring a subject. You can sign up for each series independently or for the full year.
Almost all of the classes will be recorded and available to view after the live broadcast.


The courses are individually priced but I am offering a pass to all my classes in 2023 for $1,000*, including the trainings. All courses and lectures are recorded. You can attend live and/or watch on replay.
So the $1,000 covers ALL** my courses and trainings. Think about it and let me know if you have any questions.
*installment payment plans can be worked out. Contact me for questions.
**The “Season Pass” does not cover events where I am speaking thru another organization, such as the Edgar Cayce Spiritual Retreat. That event is organized by another entity and all payments go thru them.

Courses completed this year so far that are available to Season Pass holders:

  • The Closer Walk Series
  • The Intuition Development Series
  • The Empath Revolution lecture

I am also both accepting donations and offering scholarship assistance for my courses. If you have more than enough, you are welcome to support those with less. If you have less than enough, please ask for assistance.

To hear my voice and learn what I do, listen to this!:
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Here is my 2023 schedule to date:

Online Regression Hypnosis Certification Training
March 7 thru 12, 2023
Peter leads a 5 1/2 day Regression Hypnotherapy Certification training.
(Attend live or on replay)
Past life regression and more…
In this regression hypnosis hands-on training program, you will gain both the theory and practice of hypnosis and regression therapy. Each student will complete this certification program will watch Peter perform 3 live regression demonstrations with students picked from the class, as well as by being regressed 3 times by 3 different colleagues and also regressing 3 different colleagues. You will complete the program feeling competent to begin a regression hypnosis practice should you so desire. You will have experienced first hand the healing potentials of this work in 3 different ways, 3 separate times: (1) by observing Peter, (2) by being a regressionist and (3) by receiving regressions.
You can then add this skill to your current practice or create a practice using regression hypnotherapy as a tool for profound healing and life change.
Learn this intense healing modality, with respected psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and Harvard University graduate, trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, Peter Woodbury, and become certified in Regression Hypnotherapy.
assistance available
Tuition includes the Regression Hypnosis Supervision Group
Click here for details
To register, see red below

Regression Hypnosis Supervision Group
Continuing Education for Regression Hypnotherapists
March 8, 15, 22 & April 5
7 to 8:30 pm Eastern US/Canada Time
Group conducted over Zoom
Group is included with tuition to the March 2023 Regression Hypnosis Certification Training.
(Sessions will not be recorded as the material presented will be confidential)
Once you have learned the skill set of regression hypnosis, having access to supervision is essential. In my training and development, the wise counsel of a more experienced mentor and the support of a group of fellow practitioners was essential.
In the group, a member will present a regression experience with a client and we will then discuss as a group. I will also present cases for discussion.
$25 per meeting
Entire series $75
To register, see red below


Online Holistic Life Coach Certification Training Program
April 18 thru 23, 2023

(Attend live or on replay)
Become a Life Coach! Change Lives for the Better!
Are people naturally drawn to you? Do people feel safe with you and tell you their intimate stories? Have you basically been a “life coach” most, if not all, of your life? If so, then perhaps it’s time to take your gift to the next level?!
In this training, we will assist you to take what you already know and what you already do and adapt that skill set into a life coaching model! Your “Super Powers” are in all the life challenges and obstacles that you have overcome. Your story is the guidebook that will help many. If you are looking to move into a life work of meaning and purpose, this could be just the training for you!
assistance available
Tuition includes the Life Coach Supervision Group
Click here for details
To register, see red below

Life Coach Supervision Group
Continuing Education for Life Coaches
April 19, 26, May 3 & 10
7 to 8:30 pm Eastern US/Canada Time
Group conducted over Zoom
Group is included with tuition to the March 2023 Life Coach Certification Training.
(Sessions will not be recorded as the material presented will be confidential)
Once you have learned the skill set of life coaching, having access to supervision is essential. In my training and development, the wise counsel of a more experienced mentor and the support of a group of fellow practitioners was essential.
In the group, a member will present a life coaching experience with a client and we will then discuss as a group. I will also present cases for discussion.
$25 per meeting
Entire series $75
To register, see red below

May Series coming!
Trauma Healing Series:
The work of Gabor Mate, Stephen Porges, and others

Later in the year:
Healing and Prayer Series
Meditation Training
Culture of Narcissism
The Empath Survival Guide – The Work of Judith Orloff

Once again, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Please send me an email at peterTFwoodbury@gmail.com and let me know which course you are intereted in signing up for.
US payments can be made via check, Zelle or Venmo.
Venmo: @Peter-Woodbury-1
Check: Email or text a picture of the front of a check, payable to Peter Woodbury.
Zelle: peterTFwoodbury@gmail.com
Email me for more information at peterTFwoodbury@gmail.com

International payments can be made by wire transfer or with Wise.
Wise: https://wise.com/share/peterw3151

Once payment is received, you will be registered and receive an orientation email. Course links sent a few days prior to class start.
Receipts available upon request.

If you would like to make a donation to assist with making my courses & tours available to folks who might not otherwise be able to attend, they are most welcomed! Let me know if you would like to make a donation. Thank you.

My vision, my ideal, is to make travel to spiritual sites around the world more financially viable so that more people can experience spiritual transformations such as the initiaton in the Great Pyramid and sacred ceremony at places such as Israel, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca & Easter Island.
The high end spiritual travel market is saturated. I have found people like Abdalla Nasr & Ana Maria Calderon who share my vision of budget spiritual travel. Nothing fancy. Good clean hotels. Good food. Safe & clean. But with the emphasis on things like private time in the Great Pyramid and spiritual co-leadershop with spiritual guides like the gifted shaman don Juan De Dios Kucho.
My goal is travel in the $3,500 range.
I hope you to see you on a spiritual journey soon!
Let me know if you’re interested in more information.

peterPic2Peter Woodbury, MSW
Received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Harvard University
and his master’s degree in social work from Boston University. He trained in hypnotherapy and past-life regression techniques with Brian Weiss, Allen Chips, and Daniel Brown. He enjoyed a successful career in the Boston area as a psychotherapist and faculty member of Boston University School of Social Work.
Peter learned about Edgar Cayce while in college, and moved to Virginia Beach in 2002 to become part of the Edgar Cayce organization, The Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE). He became one of the ARE’s most popular speakers, creating their Life Coaching and Past-Life Regression Hypnosis Certification Trainings, which sold out each year. He also taught Regression Hypnosis at their Atlantic University. Peter left the ARE in 2021.

Peter has become one of the world’s most prolific regressionists, having conducted over 6,000 regression sessions, about 350 regressions a year. He also is a life coach and mentor to coaches and regressionists.

Peter has since branched out on his own and is now his own boss and manager, with the freedom to create freely from his own vision!
He travels extensively with his teaching mission and is also a tour guide, leading spitually based travel programs around the world.

Contact Peter at: petertfwoodbury@gmail.com

131 Responses to Home

  1. Sandra Curry Keller says:

    Peter I had an appt. with you last Monday and I wanted to share you are the real deal! I have another confirmation of my past life during Christ’s time. I was an Egyptian reporter and left Egypt and spoke three languages to give news primarily to the Romans. I stumbled across Jesus giving sermons and reported his love and what he was teaching. I gave you my manuscript and it is all in my book. The woman across the river (Nile) was my wife I left for over 3 years. I saw her twice in 2 days! Thank you so much as you have cemented in my important past life in a different form. I have all types of Egyptian plates, pictures, Isis etc. in my home. I most likely will self publish in the future. My Final Ending is not completed that I gave you. In your spare time please read and you shall see how important it was that we met with each other. It was an honor to meet you! God Bless. Sandra Curry Keller

  2. Nick Stark says:

    My name is Nick Stark and I work directly with Shaman Juan de Dios Kucho.of Machu Picchu Peru. I do most of his scheduling and travel with him.for months at a time.

    We are currently scheduling his North American Tour for this spring and I see there is a program that you have with him in Peru from May 11- 22 with a possible extention into Bolivia.

    or at least someone named Peter Woodbury on facebook posted this to my page.

    Juan de Dios Kucho has no knowledge of this tour during May and inquiry what this is all about or is this a hoax by some outsider or has someone dropped the ball and not confirmed an agreement.

    Thank you for your time.

  3. CW says:

    Re: the Whitewater retreat brochure, was considering going to an ARE event in my area, until I saw the brochure. Would’ve left out the part in the title that said, (this), “…maybe your last life!” Really?
    Re: Title “Many Lives, One Source making this life your best & maybe your last life!”

    • petertfwoodbury says:

      Yes. There exists the possibility of “graduation” but a lot depends on soul choice. Hope to see you in June!

  4. Carmen Shaikh says:

    Congratulations! Best wishes! God bless!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for your most delightful presentation this past weekend, at the Whitewater annual A.R.E retreat. Happy travels to all, as in soul lives.

  6. Lillian Matthews says:

    Hello Peter
    Wanted to know if u will be having private appointments in New Orleans and Palestine next year. If so, I would like to make an appointment at either place. Thank you.
    Lillian Matthews

  7. Rebecca says:

    I was looking for a schedule. The other day you mentioned a few things coming up i might be interested in ( not sure but i think regression certification was one and some other past life info). Was i dreaming lol

  8. Dena Kotka says:

    I happened to be watching YouTube today looking for Edgar Cayce’s readings on Dreams, after I listened to my program, another one started automatically after it ended and it was an interview with you Peter Woodbury about Edgar Cayce. I have been into Cayce since the early 90’s off and on. He is my favorite person. You brought out things in the interview that helped clear up things for me. You are very down to earth and I can see through the interview, a very kind person. God bless and thank you for doing that interview. 🙂

    • petertfwoodbury says:

      Thank you Dena! I believe people see the light in others that is the reflection of their own. Let me know if you have any questions.

  9. Paul McGovern says:

    Hello Mr. Woodbury, if your in the Wisconsin area, I would love to finally get a past life regression. I scheduled one when you were in Sun city area, but I had to cancel. I would love to see you again and finally get it done. Please let me know if your in the area, Thank you, Paul.

  10. Marilynn Burns says:

    Hi Peter i love your posts and enjoyed listening to a couple of your interviews. I love the way you think or better still what you believe and ‘preach’..don’t know if that’s the right word but you’d know what I mean. Anyway I’d like to hear your thoughts on a de ja vu experience i had a little while ago. I wont go into detail but when i was having this experience it was in slow motion and I knew I could manipulate the outcome. I didn’t but I do believe I could have!! It waz amazing. This is one of many awesome spiritual experiences i have enjoyed but would to know your thoughts on this…thank you in advance..

    • Jerry says:

      de ja vu

      The Cayce material states that “nothing significant happens in our life that we don’t first dream of”

      You see de ja vu is often reliving an experience that we had during a dream. It’s just that we sometimes don’t consciously remember the details of a dream. But a de ja vu experience can give us the feeling of “I have met this person and had this same conversation with this person before. I feel it but just can’t recall the details of how this is so”

      Hope that helps some

      – Jerry

  11. Nina Day says:

    I attended the recent ARE meeting held in Covington, LA. Let me just say you were the best with the perfect amount of factual material, stories and comedy. I can’t remember ever being more impressed with a speaker and I have been to tons of workshops etc. The subject was so interesting to start with and you made it more so. Thanks for coming our way. I hope to be able to attend another meeting someday.
    Nina Day, Diamondhead, MS

  12. Ilona says:

    Hi Mr.Woodbury,am thinking of you, I know you are doing quite well!Will see you in Phoenix one of these days!I am Ilona,Sun City🌵😎

  13. Ethan Able Walker says:

    Hellow peter, I am Ethan i was wondering if i could get a list of are meetings or tours that might be coming up in the future i live in Nebraska if so please contact me. Thank you.

  14. Linda Susan Oswalt Distefano says:

    Peter I still think past life regression would be an interesting project for prisoners. I would think PBS would support something like this. Couldn’t ARE work with PBS on this project? The pros and cons could be very telling.

  15. Sandy Pilliod says:

    Peter was wondering if you would be coming to Fort Myers, Florida in the future ? I grew up in Virginia Beach and have lived in Fort Myers for the couple of years. Greatly admire your work very much !

  16. Lynna Grace Cameron says:

    Dear Peter,
    Lynna here.
    In a channeling session I was told to see you. I tried to research but I AM not a computer person. I AM happy I got this far!! I don’t know if this is the proper place to send you a message but it’s all I have right now.
    I AM interested in your October certified past life regression training, instead of just doing a regression as suggested by the channel, I’d like to take the course. I have taken 2 PLR courses (2 different teachers) in the past but seem to be drawn to participate in yours.
    My question is (finally!)……where do I look to find more information about the particulars of the October 21 thru 26th course.
    I have no idea what airport to fly to. Will this be held at a hotel or do I need to find a hotel0? My hope is you will read this and direct me.
    Thank you so much for your time.
    Sending sparkles,
    Lynna Grace

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  18. John says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you in Denver. I had the honor of attending your seminar and it was exciting and full of some very useful information. I was impressed with your presentation skills and the manner in which you think. Also, thank you for the session. You opened doors that have allowed me to validate some feelings that I knew were there, but had suppressed. I have been pondering on my life and in what direction I must now go. I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

    John D

  19. Carol Pacheco says:

    Peter I enjoy your videos and teachings about Edgar Cayce. I am intrigued by the many people of that era that are so connected to Carl Jung and to each other. In particular Bill Wilson one of the founders of AA. Do you know if he had connections with Edgar Cayce?

  20. Mary says:

    Thank you for putting a place on your website for comments, etc. I am not on social media and don’t plan to belong to it. I was in ABQ last Saturday for your conference, and I want to thank you for a wonmderful day. Much of what you shared was meaningful to me. Thank you for that experience.

  21. Pastor Carol Johnson says:

    Peter, I am Carol from Paducah, KY. One week ago, I was blessed with my 1st encounter/reading from Kim O’Neill. Last nite I watched your interview w/her and learned you sometimes come to Paducah. This feels strange to say, but I think I am supposed to meet you, and wondered about appt. when you do, it by Skype.
    I am very new to much of this, and yet have had excellent guidance.

  22. Kurt Standiford says:

    Does your e-mail address included periods (dots) on both sides of the @ in your address?
    As a 40 year student of Cayce I have more than a few questions about your article in the latest copy of V.I. regarding reincarnation.

  23. Paul McElwee says:


    I remember you from the Whitewater, WI retreat a couple years ago. Just read “Reincarnation Unnecessary.” It’s the most succinct explanation of reincarnation that I’ve read. I like to have resources like this for my skeptical friends. If available, could you send it to me in an electronic format that I could send to friends? If that doesn’t work, I’ll try to scan it. Thanks for your contributions to our enlightenment.

    All the best, Paul

  24. Wendy Bays says:

    Hi Peter, I still can’t find any results of the online dream workshop that happened this morning. Couldn’t find access to the live one either. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe the video hasn’t been posted yet?

  25. Randy Smith says:

    Hi Peter
    I like your skill and how you relate ideas to your public. I just watched Edgar Casey’s New Age Prophecies and it was very well done, I also like that it is contemporary as much of the Casey video programming is from years ago.

    I have always been impressed with Casey and his love for Jesus. This past year after loosing my job I spent some time watching Yourtube, that great repository of higher consciousness knowledge, :). And I came across Dorlores Cannon work of QHHT (hypnosis), I know you must be familiar with it. It dawned on me, she is intermittently tapping into the knowledge base that Casey was. Her works of “New Earth” started getting my attention as Casey and the Bible mentioned this, she really got involved with the details. I wonder of your impressions are different on this. She has written about fifteen books of material gathered from thousands of sessions. She found a similar thing that kind of shows up with Casey’s work that people that surround a given topic of importance in history are almost pulled in on purpose so that they get a reading for the intent of the universal consciousness to deliver an important massage. Like all these people that live in the world and yet the few people that surrounded Jesus’s life are showing up unknowingly as past life elements (people) in Jesus life for readings of health, so that the listening public may know in a more personal way Jesus, and what he was saying and why. If you don’t know of the New Earth books of Dolores Cannon you might want to get them on line. She has understanding of those Univeral Creators (aliens) working for the source, God, are in the process of raising the vibrations of the planet, that is we are leaving 3D and heading to 5D and this is also raising consciousness of mankind as it does the planet it self. The bad thing is, many wont be able to acept the change as the vibrations will be too much of a change for them, mostly via their own choice. The Event as they call it is a process that has already begun and moves forwarded it to a point of in the future of a three day period were people will be advanced to the higher dimentional planet that is right now already I place. Some will go, some won’t. They, being the coe creators, say this needs to be done because there are ones in power now who are going to pretty much destroy the planet, that is, it will be bad, and not much is left after this. The choice was made by a council that too much work had been done to loose everything all over again. The New Earth is the age of all that was promised, including the return of the original DNA design of the first perfected human form at the time of Adam, where man walked in full knowledge of God.

    Everything I read I did not want to accept, but when I ask my consciousness, or maybe Higher self, it says this is correct. I ask, am I making it to New Earth, “yes”. I ask, is my body to know death, “no”. It kind of weirds we out. Because these kinds of events haven’t taken place ever, at least not to me. Most people will not know the event happened. They will wake up and soon they will begin to notice new things, experiences are different. Eventual everyone is telepathic, everyone seeing higher vibration light and auras. They can communicate with plants and animals and know the higher self. Our bodies change fairly quickly to a lighter version of our bodies now, and live in perfect the health. Eventually we don’t have to eat, we live off the light like Theresa Newman during WWII. Lately I have been catching short vision messages just after waking up. I blink my eyes naturally and visual imprint flashes. The first was a glowing column of light with the uncoiled snake up the column. The next day was a silver spoon before me with an eye ball in it. I understood these instantly. I have felt 6 of my chakras, and I am suppose to be doing my meditations twice a day (Kria Yoga).

    All this is weird on our sense of reality from what we were growing up with. So the reason I bothered you with this comes from something you were saying about the year 2038. I am thinking we will be here on New Earth, but not the 3D earth. When psychics try to read Earth future, they can’t reach information, Casey, Nostrofomas, Sylvia Browne, nobody is tapped in on much of this century. Casey is coming back Androgynous in 2051, think about that, that’s not normal for our human bodies , but for the soul it is normal and for the body plan of the future, it is said to be normal. Just thought I would past that on to you if you did not know of Dolores Cannon. She has died now but her organization teaches QHHT to people on line. I assume you may have practiced hypnosis and run into deeper states of awareness . I would like to be able to connect with the Akashic Records just for my own growth with in dept info. Right now, I mostly get just Yes, or No answers, as I ask questions from whithin, and it’s a clumsy way to learn something. I spent a lot of time now watching the oneline Casey videos lectures. And I think they are very useful so keep up the good works.

    Thanks for your on line presence.
    Sincerely Randy

  26. Barbara Donica says:

    In spite of all the opression, derision and what l believe is a curse set on me from not only past life but ex husbands afiliations with masonic groups as a lawyer . I’ve been alienated from my 3 girls since 2010. Not a word,phone call, nothing. The day l was to sign divorce papers, while on my way to my psychologist,, l rolled my truck on 635 fwy in Dallas, Swerving to miss a car. Not a scratch on me. I have very powerful protection. 14 years earlier l had a brain hemorrhage while 7 months pregnant, taking half my vision and leaving me with cripling depression and ptsd. I’ve since gotten off all medication ns have abundant mental clarity. I still however struggle to achieve against mental blocks to working and harmonizing with groups. I’m living on welfare since the divorce. My ex successfully excused himself from paying spousal support to.I’m squatting in Missouri, manifesting my butt off. Still l feel tremendous opposition to fulfilling my purpose. I can budget and save money for a session. I may also soon have a vehicle.
    I’ve consulted and confounded astrologers, trying to get to the bottom of my opposition. Please could l have a session with you?
    214-772-4859. Aquarius, Capricorn rising, cancer moon
    My daughters need me and l need them. I am desperate to see them again.

  27. Armida Widrig says:

    Hi Peter, I wonder if you have any opening for a session on Thursday, March 29, 2019. You schedule is wrong, it says: Thursday, March 28th, but it the 29th. This session will be for my daughter. Please reply if you have any openings for Thursday, March 29th. She is off on Thursday

  28. Sandi Caputo says:

    Will you be coming to Florida in the near future?
    How much are your regression readings?
    Can they be accomplished over the phone/Skype?

  29. Janice says:

    Thankgod you’re here! I’ve never felt more valadated in my life at a very important time. I just heard your UTube video about sensitivity, boundaries and Edgar Cassy.
    Thank you from my heart!

  30. lisa franklin says:

    I have just found your website from listening to you speaking about empaths and boundaries on you tube. I’ve read the article Beyond karma touching grace and found it explains karma wonderfully. I still don’t know what karma I am experiencing from past lives but it does make me realise that I am learning some important lessons even if I’m not sure why. Thank you so much.

  31. Nancy Cordero-Severance says:

    Hello I’m interested in receiving some hypnotherapy regression therapy. I’m unable to locate your website if you could email me information as to what your website is I would be begrateful.

  32. Tony Maldonado says:

    Just saw a YouTube promo for your Many Lives One Source online class. Is there a replay that we can listen to? Very interested in the premise of the course.

    Thank you

  33. Janine Smith says:

    I am planning on attending the hypnosis training in Petoskey, Mi. I was wondering if you are scheduling any one on one regression session at that time.
    Sincerely, Janine Smith

  34. Looking forward to your training and meeting you.

  35. Jerry says:


    You are making available some excellent YouTube content; I am very grateful.

    There is a reading that you alluded to in your “Edgar Cayce on Sensitivity, Boundaries, and The Unseen Forces” presentation (almost positive it was that program. Re watching now)

    “There are those walking the earth who have never tasted death” = physical immortals?

    Peter, can you provide that reading number? I’m fascinated by that concept.

    Thank you Peter.

    I am a Life Member and have attended your talks.

  36. Phillip says:

    Greetings Peter! I notice that you accept the federal reserve note as a medium of exchange for services. I don’t particularly wish to use that medium for my session. Would you accept .999 fine silver bullion in Troy ounce weight in lieu of the private banks debt instrument? My rationale is that silver is the money of the first cause. The Christ’s life was purchased with 30 pieces of it and I think it would be best. Thank you in advance.
    All blessings.
    Mitakyue oyasin -All are related.

  37. Kristopher Stepp says:

    My name is Kristopher Stepp. I just saw the video on sensitivity and boundaries on YouTube. I am interested in spiritual growth and would like to get involved. I live in Houston Texas. How do I get started? Thanks for your time

  38. Wil Cavanaugh Sanders says:

    “No” is a complete sentence. I am appropriating that line.

    “Thank you” is also a complete paragraph. I spent over an hour with you today on the first day you came into my life.

  39. Coralee Reid says:

    Hello Peter,
    My name is Coralee Reid and am very much interested in continuing my Spiritual growth, as I apply these techniques in healing individuals who are drawned to me for reasons known ot unknown.. i find it exciting, as I stretch myself into uncharted areas I’ve not experienced before however I know is correct. I’ve almost 3 years whole body healer training, pinpoint hypnotherapy, reiki, and my own intuition to back me up and i feel it’s time we we connect.
    I live in beautiful Las Vegas Nevada. Lady Las Vegas invited me here, a story I’ll be happy to share with you at some time in meeting you. And this is why I’m texting you.
    I’d like your schedule and price list for becoming a student. What is the required length of committed time.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Coralee Reid

  40. Janie Youhas says:

    Hi Mr. Woodbury… I am a member of the A.R.E. and am planning a visit to Virginia Beach this Summer. I will be there from a June 10th to 14th. I would really like to schedule a Past Life Regression and was wondering if you have any openings during that time, or that you might recommend someone there in Virginia Beach ? I have never had a PLR done before. Not sure at all what it involves when it comes to cost/how long it takes? I have been an avid follower of Edgar Cayces work since I was 15 years old ( over 50 years now), and it wasn’t until this past year that I became an A.R.E. member. Now I am soaking everything in like a sponge! Excited about my first ever trip to the Headquarters and just want to enjoy every aspect of what it might offer. Thank you so much for your time. Please let me know if a PLR might be arranged by you, or that you could (Highly) recommend someone else that you trust, in the area? Sincerely, Janie Youhas

  41. Herbert Jamieson says:

    Uease provide s name for a physician in san antonio

  42. Margaret Lauer says:

    Yes I will take class Past Life Hypnosis Regression Therapy when Peter is in The Villages. Please sign me up. Looking foreword to seeing you again. Always a joy learning from you.

  43. Karen Schaffer says:

    I’m happy to support you in this new endeavor. I enjoyed your past life regression master’s class a couple of years ago. I believe you have a true heart. I am currently located in a small town after moving from VB. Somehow, people seem to find me for PLR. Even w/o a webpage. Life works in mysterious ways!

  44. Kathleen says:

    Peter I am interested. Can I send a check somewhere? I am not tech savvy and don’t have PayPal. So far unable to se5 up account. Thank you Kathy

  45. It will be great to connect!


  46. Meghan Dell says:

    Is it too late to join?

  47. Jackie Frew says:

    Hi. Peter,

    I am interested in the way of things group. I sent in $25 via PayPal last week but haven’t received the link. My email is


    Jackie Frew

  48. Leilani O. Baumanis says:

    Hi Peter,

    I listened to an interview you did with Louisa on Passion Harvest. I really like your methods and would like to make an appointment for a two-Hour session on Zoom. When is your earliest availability? I look forward to your email and thank you for your attention.


  49. Sara McGarty says:

    I’m pretty sure I must have been Hitler in my past life. I was told to reach out to you.

  50. Dr. Crystal Baker says:

    I have a VERY rare disability and would like to know my pass life and purpose. My life has been EXTREMELY DIFFERENT and I would like to explore this. Could u la call me at +15044580011 . I don’t check me email. Ty. Even if u don’t respond .🙏🏾Peace and Blessings
    Dr. Crystal Baker

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