With God’s help

I am just getting back from the Afterlife Conference that was held in Norfolk this past weekend.  There were about 350 people in attendance.  It was a really fun experience and I met some really nice people and got to reconnect with old Boston friend, John Holland.  I had been asked by Terri Daniels to present my work and do a group regression.  The norm with group regressions is that about 1/3 fall asleep, 1/3 get nothing and 1/3 have an experience.  I have been working to expand the latter so that a greater number can have an experience.

I was up against some of the conference headliners so I got about 40 people to my session.  They had the usual sound and electrical problems that seem to follow mediums.  When I mentioned that my great grandmother was a medium, the speakers began to buzz and hum loudly!  It felt like a hello.  But the lecture went very well and the questions and answer session period was stimulating.

The regression session felt very deep and very still.  I was very happy to see no one visibly awake or annoyed and I heard no snoring.  Both good signs.  I no longer have people share their experiences in the group for several reason.  Someone begins to tell a long story of how they saw their first cousin who in a past life was the neighbor of their grandmothers mailman’s uncle.  You can see how fascinating that becomes for the unincluded.  Or someone tells of how God spoke to them directly, Jesus appeared and showed them the meaning of life and all their past lives.  Then someone says that all they saw was a coconut.  You get the point, I believe.  So I have people stay after and share their experiences with me if they like one on one.  

One woman told me that she has had a neck problem most of her adult life.  She saw a past life being hung.  She came out of the experience and felt no pain in her neck for the first time in years.  A man said he crossed over and had a large reunion with all his deceased relatives. Another person said they had gained vital insight about an important relationship. It got overwhelming. So many people had healing experiences, had some sort of soul or guide contact, felt illuminated or touched by the experience.  They reported feeling it had been a transcendent experience.  You can read a recent blog post from someone who also had a healing from a session.

I am not writing this to somehow create a registered trade mark for some sort of unique work that I do that changes peoples lives.  I just try to follow Edgar Cayce’s model who tried to follow Jesus’ model.  I guess I try to be a channel for healing to happen, but even that sounds arrogant.  If I have learned anything, it is what Jesus meant when He said, “In and of myself I can only do small things, but with God all things are possible.”  I make sure to consecrate the space with prayer.  I set the intention and the ideal for the work.  I invoke all those that are working to bring light into consciousness and that we commit to sharing that light with all those we encounter every day.

It seems to me that the work is picking up momentum.  All I bring is a sincere desire to be of help.  Perhaps as I have gone further into this work, my guidance from the seen and unseen has grown.  I am so very happy that I get to teach this every year.  I know there is nothing any more special about me that anyone else.  I am full of mixed energies.  But maybe, like Harmon Bro said of Mr. Cayce in trance, his lower energies would rise above him while he gave the reading, and return once he was done.  I can’t say I know completely.  I just wanted to share with you the evolution of this work and the joy it brings me and the healing it seems to bring to many.

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9 Responses to With God’s help

  1. cherie miled says:

    Well written & Amazing healing work. I’d love to learn from you or have a session one day as even if “I saw a coconut” I feel it would be a profound experience.

    • petertfwoodbury says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful feedback. Let me know whenever you would like to set an appointment.

  2. Claudia Carabba says:

    When Spirit is present wonderful things take place and I believe the therapist and client both benefit. I so enjoy you, your postings and your work Peter. Blessings

  3. deirdrelca says:

    I like your reasons behind not sharing the regression experiences with a small group. Not every one is a small group person. I think sharing after the lecture is a good idea.

  4. Sharyn Grace says:

    Thanks for sharing these thoughts, experiences and insights!
    It’s joyful to connect with your deeper side.
    In the spirit of Thanksgiving I give thanks
    for the chance to connect with your message!
    Vaya con Dios!

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