It’s not the speed, it’s the direction

Today in session, the theme of impatience came up and the fear that time is slipping away and that it’s getting “too late!”.  I hear this a lot in my work.  The personality, the ego, or the finite part of ourselves knows that time is limited. This creates anxiety and fear, and those are not two mind states are not adept at much creative thinking.  They actually control short term survival and short term thinking.  “Let’s survive this crisis”, is their best domain.  These aspects of mind are not designed to be dominant thought patterns.  They are great in a crisis but not really good for much else.  But we oftentimes get stuck in these thought patterns.  And they are self perpetuating in a way.  If we are convinced that we are in constant danger, then we better stay prepared.  But these mind sets take their toll on us mentally, physically and spiritually. They will run us down.

So, what is the alternative? Well, behind the personality, the ego and the finite self, is the individuality, the infinite part of ourselves or the soul self.  This aspect of us has very long-term thinking and vision.  This part of us always has been and always will be.  It realizes that a life is a mere day in the life of the soul. The soul self realizes that in this soul day or life, we are here to do a few things.  To do in a day what we can in a day.  In response to this, I talk about how much more important it is for us to tune in to the direction and worry less about speed.  Speed is of the ego.  Direction is of the soul. And there is actually no time, so if we stay in the right direction, we are actually already there.  

Slow and steady wins the race.  Take the time to reflect on the direction of your life.  Do you like the “neighborhood”? The neighborhood being how you feel in your own skin, how much you feel connected to the people in your life, the meaning that your life has to you.  If you don’t feel those things, then it’s important to take a look at what your operating system is.  What values and patterns are you guiding your life by?  Is it time to alter those?  Meaning in life, in the end, is what really makes us feel fulfilled.  Are we living a life of some kind of service to others?  Or do we not really enjoy others?  If we don’t really enjoy other people, if we’ve tired of them, that usually means our tank is empty and we need to refresh.  In an earlier post, I spoke about the need to “drink of the water of life” or come to our temple within at least 15 minutes a day.  From there, we can fill our cups and get back into the game.  And once back in the game, set the direction and move slowly towards that.

I want to also remind you that “where two or more are gathered, I will be in the midst of them”.  The soul self is communal.  God is all and hence very communal.  We are part of God and hence we are communal by our very nature.  We do not do well in isolation. We need connection.  Hence, healing groups are very powerful.  Groupwork is one of the main aspects of the Anonymous movement.  Being part of something greater than ourselves.  So for us to thrive, we need community.

I have a personal habit of thinking 5 years ahead.  It is now 2015.  In 5 years, what would I like to add to my life? What would I like 2020 to look like?  I could learn a new language in 5 years, I could learn how to wind surf, I could learn many things in 5 years.  I advanced my training in hypnosis and came to teach in my 5 year plan.  Moving to Virginia Beach was in my 5 year plan. In 5 years, I hope to have a few books published and continue to teach around the world.  I’m hoping to expand my website outreach and my blogging.  My goal is to continue to help others to access the wisdom that lies within them through hypnosis and to help others learn to access higher consciousness on their own.  This New Age has promised that we will draw a closer walk with our Creator.  I want to be part of that.  Each day, I hope to take a step in that direction.

How about you?  Do you believe you are a Child of the Most High?  Do you believe that you have a spiritual legacy to claim?  Do you believe that you have countless resources at your disposal, awaiting you to make a choice and follow through? What would you like your life to look like in 5 years? What skills, experiences, tools, people would you like to acquire or uncover and add to your life?  5 years will come before you know it.  What will you build with that time?

And remember, it the direction, not the speed.  Set your sites and follow that.  Slow and steady.  Make haste, slowly.  🙂

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