The Soul Sherpa returns from Phoenix

I had a great time in Phoenix this past week. I gave my talk on “Many Lives, One Soul” at the Unity Church in Sun City.  And I didn’t see the runaway llamas. 🙂  Then booked appointments for the week.  The sessions went very well.  I’m so impressed with hypnosis.  If the individual opens up and can accept the suggestions, wonderful things happen.  I oftentimes talk about how I didn’t really like hypnosis at first.  You see, when I do conventional talk therapy, my mind is involved, all my education and experience come into play. I make a lot of choices and at the end of the day, I feel good about what has been accomplished.  But I feel it’s me that’s been doing the heavy lifting.  But with hypnosis, all I do is steer a process. I’m like a midwife.  I have no idea if it’s going to be a girl or a boy or triplets or a hysterical pregnancy.  I just guide a process.  I’m a soul sherpa.  I know how to get you to your soul.  Then you and your soul take over.  I say “yes” a lot, steer the person to feelings, guide, nudge, track time and bring the person back.  I don’t feel a real sense that “I” did anything.  It is not an ego building experience. It is very sacred and there is skill involved, but the greatest skill is in getting out of the way and letting the person’s own soul process unfold.  I have learned to love it!  

I think I do real time travel.  There have been so many movies about time travel, and I think a regression is real time travel.  This past weekend, I got to experience the burning of the library at Alexandria! The individual was incensed. They lost faith in books and how they can be destroyed.  It was such a personal view of such an important time in our world history.  I haven’t really regressed anyone famous, but I’ve been all over history…Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Early America…just to name a few.

I love what I do. Shameless plug now…why not come learn the technique this October? Operators are standing by. 🙂

My next trip will be to Houston at the end of the month.  I had started to notice themes on trips as I wrote about in a recent Venture Inward article. Phoenix was marked by contact with the deceased and getting that reassurance that love endures. 🙂

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4 Responses to The Soul Sherpa returns from Phoenix

  1. Tammy Goyke says:

    I want to give a “testimonial” for Peter’s individual hypnosis sessions and this seems to be the best place. I have been interested in past life regressions and hypnosis for a very long time. I attended Peter’s lecture in Cincinnati in May 2015. I knew that individual sessions were going to be offered, and I was nervous about talking to a stranger about personal subjects, but I was determined to at least try to get some answers.
    Over four months in 2013, I experienced a series of tragic events. My elderly parents were going downhill physically and mentally. They were both becoming helpless. Then my father fell and broke his neck bones, was in extreme pain, and was not himself. During the process of looking for a nursing home community, my dear sweet boyfriend of 23 years died in a horrific accident. I found him in a pool of blood. He was in a deep coma for 6 days, and I was the one who signed the papers to disconnect life support. I was shattered into a million pieces. Before I could even attend the funeral, my parents had a small house fire and they had to vacate their home. Two insurance companies and the condo management were fighting with one another, my parents had no handicapped appropriate place to live, and the hospital kept calling me. At this point, if I could have thrown myself down on the floor and died I would have. I have no other family, so I was left to deal with all these issues alone. A few friends helped me, but not very much. Much more happened, but eventually my parents moved into a duplex at the nursing home, and I moved into their former home, so I would be a little nearer to them. I had been trudging along since then, and it seemed like every time I tried to get something done or socialize with friends I kept running into a brick wall. I was stuck and very isolated. So that is the back story.
    When I went to my individual session, I was so nervous that I was talking a mile a minute and not finishing a lot of my sentences! (The painfully shy child that I thought I had left behind long ago came out!) The only previous experiences I had with hypnosis was in group settings in large classes, and with a CD at home. A lot of times I did have experiences. Peter was very patient and kind and managed to get out of me what I wanted to discover. I was so nervous that I wasn’t sure that I could be hypnotized, but soon enough I was. I was expecting some kind of past life scene, but I saw my boyfriend! I had forgotten how fun, joyful, and optimistic he had been in life. I remember feeling a lot of emotional pain in my heart area – I never managed to tell Peter that part. I had some more interesting experiences during the hypnosis session, and I got a few answers, with plenty to think about later.
    But here’s the main point. After my session everything changed, and it started happening right away! I feel like some kind of barrier was removed during my session. I started hearing from people that I hadn’t heard from in months. I got an invitation. Like everything that I had been trying to do to improve my life was finally unblocked. At this writing, it’s been about a week since my session, and I am still experiencing this. Here are two examples: it is very important for me to move yet closer to my parents’ nursing home. The real estate market is very competitive now and I had been poring over the real estate listings twice a day for 11 months, with no success. Four days after my session I found the right house and bought it the next day. Also, I started laughing when I got a Christmas card with a three page typed letter in it, that a friend had forgotten to send, and then was too embarrassed to mail it until then (June). I know that life will continue to be challenging, but the floodgates are open!
    I share this story to encourage anyone that thinks they would like to try an individual session, to go ahead and do it. I don’t know what *happened* but something did. (I hope Peter will make a comment.) It’s not about getting material things that you may want. In my case, I know that something was healed and I have turned a corner. I know that Peter is humble and would say that he is only the conductor, but his kindness, knowledge and experience has really helped me! A thousand thank yous to you, Peter!
    Tammy in Cincinnati

    • petertfwoodbury says:

      Hi Tammy,
      Thank you so much for telling us about your experience. I am really happy to hear how the session seems to have openned things up for you. One of the things with this work is that it invokes seen and unseen forces and I ask that the influence continue on after the session. I also believe that you were very ready to let go of some of the past and move more fully into the present. Spiritually focused hypnosis seems to allow for that to happen. I believe that there was a piece of work to be done with your boyfriend so that you could also focus fully on the present. As is said, Life happens from us and not to us. I would expect that the openning will continue on for you. I would also recommend that you continue to reinforce the “connection” to your soul consciousness by going to the open door and experiencing even more of what is there for you.
      As the Master said, “I come that you might have life and have it more abundantly”, Enjoy your abundant life and keep us posted.
      Thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. Tammy Goyke says:

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks so much for responding. I really wanted to know a little more to be able to understand my experience. Those are such beautiful words!
    I think some of the message in my session was that I need to have more fun in my life. My boyfriend had a PhD in Botany, and he certainly knew how to act properly at work, but he was definitely in touch with the child within! I need to get back to the things that I love, like nature and music. My boyfriend was my big love and he really loved my “essence”. Yesterday I looked at some photos of him, and us as a couple, that were in a folder, left over from the memorial service from almost two years ago. I felt differently this time. I will always honor the relationship, but I also felt for the first time like I could put some of the photos away. I thought that I was dealing with the loss reasonably well before, but now I don’t think so! I think I was still really holding on and had a lot of resentments. And I think that even if no one loves me like that again, that I can go on and still enjoy life and be OK with it.
    I have to say that it is phenomenal how much lighter I feel in the chest area, and I feel like I can even breathe better! I wasn’t expecting to feel different in my body.
    I like what you said, “Life happens from us, and not to us”. I think that I will have to think on that one for quite a while!
    This has been a ” life changing experience” and I don’t throw words around like that lightly.
    Thanks so much again, and I hope that by sharing my story, it will help other people.
    With much gratitude for the work that you do,

    • petertfwoodbury says:

      I am moved that you have received so much. I just know that “in and of myself I can do only small things, but with God’s help, all things are possible!” Keep us posted. 🙂

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