Spiritual Tours

June 6 thru 19, 2019
A.R.E. Tour of Ireland

Where Heaven meets Earth. Ireland’s rich culture, history, heritage, and breath taking scenery await!

Join Peter Woodbury in this spiritual journey through the Emerald Isle where you will discover the country’s highlights, experience Ireland’s magnificent scenery, and explore its most famous towns. Embrace the Celtic lore and embark in this special journey, visit Dublin, Galway, the popular Cliffs of Moher, Belfast, and much more.

From the charming scenery to the spiritual experiences based on the Cayce material, this tour is sure to be one of a kind!

A Special Invitation from Peter Woodbury

Dear potential Ireland pilgrim!

I am very much looking forward to this special tour of Ireland!  I have recollection of several past lives in Ireland, and visiting a country opens one up to even more recall. This trip has so many highlights. Let me name a few that I am especially looking forward to:

  • The Book of Kells Exhibition – The Book of Kells is considered “one of the greatest contributions to medieval art ever to come out of the British Isles.”  I’m looking forward to our insights as we experience this exhibit.
  • The Newgrange Site – The ancient temple has been dated as older than Stonehenge and The Great Pyramid! What an incredible opportunity to personally experience the energy of this site!
  • Clonmacnoise – This ancient monastic site was once a major center of religion and learning. I’m sure many of us transited this important location.
  • Brigid’s Healing Well – one of the world’s oldest wells—rumored to have healing powers and known for its mysterious appeal. This is a jewel on our tour and a unique opportunity to be open to the healing energies of these waters!

At these sites, and several others, we will have time to learn the archaeological history, as well as meditate and glean our own personal meanings.

I enjoy leading A.R.E. Tours and sharing once-in-a-lifetime experiences with like-minded travelers. We’ll take part in group meditations, study our dreams, and experience regressions. Along the way, I’ll integrate Edgar Cayce material into our studies. I have every expectation that a special “soul group” will be drawn to this tour for an extraordinary bonding experience.

I hope to see you in sacred Ireland. I am eager to share and experience it all with you!

Be in touch with any questions you may have.

Peter Woodbury
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To contact Peter for appointments, groups or speaking engagements please send email to: peterTFwoodbury@gmail.com


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