Reawakening the Initiate!

Spiritual Tour of Egypt

with Peter Woodbury & Abdallah Nasr

Spiritual Tours of Egypt: Awakening the Initiate!
with Peter Woodbury & Abdallah Fayed
November 8 to 18, 2022
Accomodations & most meals included.
$3,499 ($600 single supplement)

with EXTENSION to visit Dendera & Abydos! 
with Peter & Abdallah
November 18 & 20 (2 days/2 nights – Return home November 20) 
All inclusive – all meals, travel & accomodations.
$998 ($275 single supplement)
(For details, scroll down to red section)

I first came to Egypt & Giza as a 6 year old boy! My great grandfather was Egyptian and I have never stopped returning to this sacred land. I have led or co-led tours of Egypt for 20 years. In those many travels, I have made a good friend, Abdallah Fayed, who has become one of the most respected and beloved tour guides of Egypt. We will be working together to create a life transforming experience for you!

One of the highlights of the tour will be the RE-Initiation in the Great Pyramid.
There are many interpretations of the many spiritual purposes of the Great Pyramid, and I believe that the main one is how the King’s Chamber/”The Chamber of the Open Tomb” is an initiation chamber, where the initiate would leave their bodies for 3 days thru the supposed “air ducts” and eventually return, awakened to the great mysteries of the truth of the soul.

I will use meditation & trance induction techniques to guide travelers through the initiatory experiences for which the Great Pyramid is intended
. We will have 2 hours of exclusive private time in the Great Pyramid!
*We will be meditating and energetically interacting with all the spiritual sites we will be visiting.
The tour price includes 4 classes I will be teaching over Zoom:
             Ancient Egyptian Mysticism
             Introduction to the Egyptian Deities
             Introduction to the Great Pyramid Initiation
             Understanding The Egyptian Book of The Dead

The ideal of the tour is that we come to Egypt not so much as tourists, but as spiritual pilgrims.
We are here to transform, not just to visit, to interact and experience and not just see with the external eyes. The advance courses are designed to have us arrive prepared for some deep awakening work!

I have also created a scholarship program to offer assistance to anyone who can’t afford the trip without financiad aid.
If you need financial aid to attend, please inquire and if you would like to donate to the scholarship programs, please let me know!


November 8, 2023
Day 1

Arrive at Cairo airport.
Greeted upon arrival & assisted with arrival process, luggage & entry visa.
Transportation provided to hotel.
*(If you are coming from the US/Canada/Asia/Caribbean or Australia – You would most likely need to depart you country on November 7 in order to arrive in Cairo, Egypt on November 8).
Welcome meeting after dinner.
Settle into our Cairo hotel for 4 nights.

November 9
Day 2

The “newer” pyramids day!
Visit Sakkara (the Step Pyramid) & Dahshur (the Bent & the Red Pyramid).
Return to our Cairo hotel. 2 of 4 nights.

November 10
Day 3 

Visit the Cairo Museum, the Citadel (the Alabaster Mosque), Old Cairo Market & the Coptic Churches (the Hanging Church and the Cavern Church). 
Return to hotel. 3 of 4 nights.

Day 4

Highlight day!
Visit the Giza Plateau, see the three famous pyramids & The Sphinx.
Camel ride.
2 hours of private time inside The Great Pyramid. 
Return to hotel for last night.

November 12
Day 5

Check out of hotel
Take an early flight to Abu Simbel, visit the two temples and fly to Aswan.
Check in our hotel in Aswan for one night.

November 13
Day 6
Check out of hotel.
Visit the Temple of Isis & Elephantine Island.
Board our Nile cruise boat.
Enjoy a sunset felucca sail (wind permitting).
Spice market visit in the evening.
Sleep on the boat for 3 nights.

November 14
Day 7

Visit the Nubian Museum in the morning
Then set sail to Kom Ombo, visit the Temple of Elder Horus & Temple of Sobek.
Overnight sail to Edfu. Night 2 of 3.

November 15
Day 8

Early morning visit to the Edfu Temple
then sail to Luxor.
Depending on the arrival time, we will visit the Luxor Temple this evening or on Day 9.
Last night on the boat.

November 16
Day 9

Check out from our Nile cruise
visit the Valley Of The Kings, Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple and the Statues of Memnon.
Visit and alabaster shop. Visit the Luxor Temple if we didn’t get the chance on Day 8.
Overnight in Luxor

November 17
Day 10


Check out of our hotel (except extension travelers)
Visit Karnak temple in the morning and return to Cairo in the afternoon.
Extension group will stay in Luxor. 
Overnight at Cairo airport hotel.

November 18
Day 11

Check out of hotel and board your flight for return home.
Tour ends.
Bon voyage!

EXTENSION to visit Dendera & Abydos!
with Peter Woodbury & Addullah Nasr
November 18 & 19 (2 days/2 nights – Return home November 20)
All inclusive – all meals, travel & accommodations.
$998 (shared double room – if you are traveling alone, you will be assigned a room)
($275 single supplement)
$250 deposit – $125 refundable up to June 1, 2023.
First payments due by June 1, 2023
(1/2 of balance due)
Final payments due August 1, 2023
(balance due)

Day 1: (November 18, 2023)

Morning flight to Luxor (1 hour flight),
then bus to Dandera (approx 1.5 hours) to visit the Dendera Temple Complex.
Then bus to Abydos (approx 3 hours) to begin our visit of the Temple of Osiris.
Overnight at House of Life hotel
(the hotel is a short walk from the Abydos site)

Day 2:
Morning visit to complete our tour of Abydos & the Temple of Osiris.
Return bus to Luxor (approx 3 hours) and return flight to Cairo (approx 1 hour). 
Overnight at Cairo airport hotel

Day 3: (November 20, 2023)

Extension ends. Return home.


$3,499  (shared double room – you will be assigned a roommate if you are traveling alone)(single supplement/private room upcharge $600)
First payments due by June 1, 2023
(1/2 of balance due)
Final payments due August 1, 2023
(balance due)

* Entry visa to Egypt.
* Transportations & transfers.
* Private Egyptologist guide.
* Entrance fees to the mentioned sites.
* Domestic airline tickets.
* Two to three meals per day (dinner on arrival day & breakfast on departure day)
* Tax & fees. 

* International airline tickets.
* Travel & health insurance (highly recommended)
* Beverages other than water
* Personal expenses.
* Personal tipping. 


  • Passport must be valid for 6 months past November 8, 2023


  • $500 deposit due to reserve space. $250 refundable up to June 1, 2023. 
  • First payment due: June 1, 2023 (½ of balance)
  • Final payment due: August 1, 2023 (remainder due)
  • All payments made by August 15 & September 15, 2022 are final. No refunds will be issued after these dates.
  • $500 deposit can be made by:
    Venmo: @Peter-Woodbury-1
    Check (send a picture of front of check payable to Peter Woodbury)
  • Full payment can be made by bank wire transfer.


  • Travelers will arrange their own flights into & out of Cairo. Booking assistance is available.
  • You will need to depart the USA on November 7, 2023 in order to arrive in Cairo on November 8. Then book your return for November 18, 2023. Plan to arrive on November  as early as possible. The airport is Cairo International Airport (CAI)
  • Egypt Air offers direct flights from New York-JFK to Cairo.
  • Let Peter know if you need assistance with your travel arrangements


  • Travelers must be able to climb 5 flights of stairs and be able to walk, unassisted, for up to 1/4 mile. Some restaurants and the Nile cruise ships do not have elevators. And some of the sites require walking in the hot sun, on uneven ground, for up to 2 hours. The climb into the Great Pyramid requires the ability to climb at a slope, in a hunched position, for about 20 yards. I will lead tours in the future that will be more accommodating to those requiring mobility assistance. 


  • Are there any Covid restrictions remaining in Egypt?
  • Do I need a VISA to enter Egypt?
    Yes & it will be provided for you upon arrival. US, Canada, Australia and most European countries do not need to get a VISA ahead of time. Once we see your passport, we can advise you in case you need to get your own VISA.
  • What are the risks of cancellation of the trip?
    I HIGHLY recommend you purchase travel insurance. I recommend Travel Guard. Your tour payments after June 1 & August 1, 2023 are final and no refunds can be issued. Those funds will have been submitted to Egypt and will be used to cover the deposits for the hotels, cruise ship and meals costs in advance. If the trip is canceled for some reason, we will refund as much as possible but it most likely won’t be 100% of what you’ve paid. I recommend you purchase the top tier of the insurance coverage options available to you. Better to pay extra and rest assured. Travel Guard is the industry standard for travel insurance. Ana can assist you with purchasing insurance and reviewing the options and costs.
  • Is there any security risks regarding traveling to Egypt at this time?
    There is always some risk anytime you travel to the Middle East, but Perfect Egypt Tours and Abdallah Nasr are very well connected and will make sure we avoid any areas of concern and are kept safe.
  • How can we get local currency in Egypt?
    You can not get Egyptian pounds outside of Egypt. At the airport, there will be currency exchange stations as well as ATM machines. You will get your currency in Egyptian pounds. You can also bring US $1 bills to use for the bathrooms and to buy items from the sellers. Credit cards are safe at the hotel, the ship, the shops we will visit on the tour, and at restaurants. Do not use credit cards at the markets. If in doubt, ask Peter or Abdullah.
  • Will the hotels and cruise ship have ammenities?
    The hotel lobbies will have Wifi. Sometimes in the rooms. It isn’t always complimentary. You can always buy a SIM card to use in your unlocked smart phone while in Egypt. Most of the hotels will have pools, bars and spas. Your rooms will mostly also have bathtubs except on the ship.
  • What is the anticipated size of the group?
    About 20.
  • Will there be any chance to interact as a group prior to the tour?
    Yes. There will be several courses and general meet-and_greets before arrival in Egypt
  • Food and water safety concerns?
    Avoid raw foods that you have not washed and peeled yourself.
    Only drink bottled water.
    Never drink beverages with ice.
    At the hotels, they will use filtered water to wash the produce, but to be as safe as possible, only eat cooked foods.
    NO ICE CREAM. Ice cream melts and then gets refrozen and can be dangerous to eat.
    We will have bottled water on the bus at no charge. You will also have complimentary bottled water at meals.
  • What if I would like to arrive early or stay later?
    This is a great idea and you can contact Abdallah Nasr Fayed directly at to arrange your off-tour options. I have known Abdallah for almost 30 years. He is a personal friend and I vouch for him completely without any reservation. You would be hard pressed to find a kinder, more honest gentleman than Abdallah. I will be traveling to Egypt ahead of the tours as well to acclimate and be ready to roll! You are also welcome to arrive early and settle in. The hotel for early arrivals is in the $60 to $80 per night range. Let me and Abdallah know if you’d like to explore the arrive early or leave late option.

Peter & Abdullah

Please contact me at anytime with any questions you might have:
(757) 217-7159