Many Lives, One Source – Online Class


with Peter Woodbury, MSW


Who am I? Why am I here?
What is the purpose and meaning of life?

If you have pondered any of these probing questions,
this just might be the place for you!

In this four week, interactive online course, we will be looking at how Edgar Cayce answered these questions.  His story tells us about our original Oneness with our Creator and the great experiment in consciousness that was our creation as souls.  Granted the Godlike attributes of free will and creativity, we were given run of God’s “…universe of worlds…”  Our prodigal story takes us to the Earth and our eventual “involution into matter”.  As spiritual beings, we were drawn to the contrasts presented by a physical world.  Slowly drawn deeper into the physical, we eventually forgot our spiritual heritage and thus began our cycle of incarnation and reincarnation into the earth.  In this course, we will be looking into what it is that we “forgot” and how we might once again awaken to soul consciousness!

In this four-week online course we will:

  •  Explore the nature of the Soul and the draw to the physical
  •  Study the essential nature of God
  •  Discover what led to our deepening into the material
  •  Delve into the Spiritual Laws of Karma and Grace
  •  Learn why Loving God above all else and our neighbor as ourselves is the Whole Law
  •  Begin to understand Forgiveness, Forgetting, and Letting Go
  •  Unlock the secrets of how to apply spiritual law, awaken your soul consciousness, and set yourself free!

You will also:

  • Have access to weekly recorded guided visualizations and/or meditations.
  • Be presented with questions to deepen your understanding of this material.
  • Respond with your reactions, feelings, and questions on the community discussion board.
  • Receive personal responses to your postings by Peter Woodbury.

This course will use many examples from the Cayce Readings and the Cayce soul group.  Each section will include a recorded audio visualization/meditation/hypnosis to quicken the awakening of your soul consciousness.

Contact Peter with any questions at

Register now…access to the class begins Friday March 1. Upon registration, you will receive access to the online classroom. Navigating the platform is quite easy. Even I can do it! 🙂

Frequently asked questions:

  1. (Q) Peter, does the class have a specific time? Or can I do it on my own time during the day?
    (A) You can do it anytime. It’s 4 video lectures and 4 guided imagery sessions. Once you get access, you can watch and listen when you like.
  2. (Q) Can I access this course even if I don’t live in the USA?
    (A) Yes! You can access from anywhere that you have internet access. You can enjoy the content 24 hours a day during those 4 weeks.


Many Lives, One Source Online Course