From Creation to Revelation

From Creation to Revelation – Understanding the Times We Live In!

The information Edgar Cayce shared is such a vast treasure-house of wisdom and insight, and so helpful to so many in times of trial and tribulation. Although we think of Edgar Cayce offering help to individuals, he also offered a wealth of information predicting the New Age and both the challenges and opportunities of these interesting times. 

In this workshop, led by Cayce expert and psychotherapist Peter Woodbury, MSW, we will travel through space and time to explore our creation and our involution into physical matter in the Earth. We’ll take a voyage through our cycles of karma to grace, all the way to the Book of Revelation, and examine how we are living in the times prophesied in this esoteric and enigmatic chapter of the Bible. 

Cayce’s unique view of The Book of Revelation describes it as a kind of Western spiritual guidebook to enlightenment. The first half explores our spiritual anatomy—the amazing interface between the human body and the soul. The second half explores what to expect along our path of spiritual development. The material is deep, practical, and accessible, rich with symbolism and meaning. You will leave with a greater understanding of your personal soul journey as well as a greater appreciation of the current dynamics of humanity’s soul evolution. Peter will also include a group guided reverie to lead you towards your own “revelation”!

  • Tap into “God’s Book of Remembrance” also known as “The Akashic Records”

  • Access the Unseen forces, guides, and guardians that are available to you

  • Tune into your personal path of enlightenment and learn how you can turn any “stumbling blocks” into “stepping stones”

  • Learn what Jesus meant when He said “All things shall be brought into remembrance”

  • Experience your role both personally and collectively in these extraordinary changing times we are living in

  • Tap into and heal the experiences that are having a major impact upon your present life

  • See the grand plan of returning to Oneness and understand your unique place in this grand scheme

. . . and learn a powerful tool of personal attunement that you can keep and use for
the rest of your life!